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1344 (HD WMV) – Jane Domino Turns the Tables on Ralphie the Pervert Mechanic


Outfit & Shoes
I would like for Jane to wear some of her famous cut off jean booty short shorts. Her top should be really sexy and go with her booty shorts. Her shoes could be some sexy pumps or other heels that go with the outfit as long as she can pump the gas easily and walk in them OK.

Jane is having to take her car to Ralphie the pervert mechanic to get it fixed, but this time she turns the tables on him.

Camera Angles, Action
The first part of the video will be filmed from the backseat. The camera should get full body shots with several close-ups on her legs focusing on her bouncing thighs. As usual, I would not want any feet close-ups. I really liked the way the was scooted up pretty far in the custom you just did for me in the Monte where the boyfriend played the trick on her so please be sure it is adjusted pretty close to the steering wheel but she can still get in and out of the car OK and pump the gas easily with good leg action.

I would love it if the Monte was not rigged and we wound up with some flooded cranking, but I would like some longer cranking attempts, so however you need to manipulate that is fine by me. I prefer longer attempts to short flooded ones. Jane is a great pumper so she can just do her thing with full leg pumping (no ankle pumping) and some holding to the floor mixed in.

The thought is Jane’s car is giving her problems and she needs to take it to Ralphie despite her and Vivian’s previous visit. She’s not really scared of him and thinks she can turn the tables on the old harmless perv. I have some dialogue in here but this can be adlibbed as y’all see fit as I don’t get hung up on exact words too much.

The car should be parked near the house. Filming starts from the backseat as Jane gets in the car and puts her purse down. She is on the phone with Vivian and saying something like: “Yeah I know. But he is the best mechanic around and he’s really cheap. I know, I know, but I think he’s harmless and his bark is worse than his bite. I have an idea about how to handle that. So can you meet me there and give me a ride back home?”. Again, not looking for exact dialogue here, just so we get the idea.

She hangs up and tries to start her car. It’s very hard to start which is why she is taking it to Ralphie’s in the first place. She tries over and over pumping the pedal, holding it down, pumping some more. She gets more urgent as she goes because Vivian is meeting her there and she doesn’t want to be late. She is urgently trying to get it started, cranking it over for long periods sometimes and pumping it rapidly, sometimes holding it firmly to the floor. The camera is getting full body and leg shots and several close-up thigh shots looking over the seat (you know what I like). It finally starts and the camera fades as she drives off. This part should take no more than half of the time, maybe a little less than half.

The rest of the video will be shot from Ralphie’s POV. Y’all please feel free to play around with the ideas I have in here as it should be just a guide for the action. The camera fades in with him tinkering under the hood of one of the other cars down by the carport / garage area when he hears a car rolling up the driveway. He peeks out from behind the hood to see who it is as Jane pulls in behind that car. She gets out and Ralphie goes over toward her in his Ralphie way. But unlike last time, Jane is very flirtatious herself and goes on the offensive. She gets very close to him telling him her car has been giving him trouble and asking him to help. This takes Ralphie aback and he is now the one actually backing away from her.

Jane wants to show him how the car is having trouble starting so she goes and gets back in inviting Ralphie to come see if he can tell what’s wrong, Ralphie is pretty much speechless at this point. She gets in and leaves the door open. She begins trying to start the car as Ralphie watches from right beside her. Jane is playing up being pouty as she tries to start her car, softly talking to it in a pouty way. She tries over and over pumping the pedal, holding it down, pumping some more.

As she cranks and pumps, the camera is getting full body shots and some tight bouncing thigh shots and maybe some bouncing boob shots (nothing that makes her too uncomfortable though) and Jane doesn’t care. She can tell she has him on the defensive.

She then flirtatiously tells him to get in because she thinks he can tell more what she is doing wrong from inside the car. He goes around and gets in the passenger seat as Jane continues cranking and pumping and holding.

When time is up, Jane looks at Ralphie and poutily asks him if he thinks he can fix it. He nods and she says very sweetly, something like: “I thought so. Thank you. My ride is here.” She grabs her purse and gets out of the car as the camera fades.

Length: 11:40

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 494 MB


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