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1413 – Jane Domino in ‘Boyfriend Surprise Gone Wrong’


Outfit & Shoes
Jane should wear a sexy high-cut leotard or body suit (I am not requesting any camera angels that will be inappropriate or make her uncomfortable) with some sexy high heeled strappy sandals or pumps that match the leotard or bodysuit. She should be able to walk in them OK and be able to pump the pedal without worrying about the shoes. She should be bare legged. At the very beginning, she should be in a robe or short jacket that is easy to remove in the car.

Jane is trying to surprise her new boyfriend in a sexy outfit but when she shows up unannounced at his house, only his roommate is there. She is mortified and when she tries to leave, her car won’t start.

Camera Angles, Action
The video will be filmed from the backseat and from the passenger seat. From both spots, the camera angles should capture her full body and also close-ups on her legs focusing on her bouncing thigh. As usual, I would not want any feet close-ups. Please move the seat up as close to the steering wheel as possible but where she can still get in and out easily and pump the pedal normally.

The Monte should be rigged not to start at all. Jane should begin with normal length cranks but as the video goes along and it becomes apparent it doesn’t want to start, she should hold the key longer and longer and pump it harder and faster, with some flooring and holding mixed in. She is super embarrassed and just wants to get out of there, so she tries very quickly over and over again with no real pauses in between cranking attempts. Jane is a great pumper so she can just do her thing with full leg pumping (no ankle pumping) and some holding to the floor mixed in. She can ad lib most of the dialogue just so we get a feel for what is happening.

The car should be parked next to the house near the (back) door and the driver’s window should be down. As filming begins from the backseat, Jane – still wearing the robe or jacket – has already parked, turned off the car, and is touching up her lipstick. She is acting nervous and a little giddy, sort of psyching herself up that her boyfriend is going to like her ‘surprise’. She slips off the robe or jacket and places is it in the passenger seat. Then, taking one last look in the mirror, she opens the door. The camera fades.

The camera fades back in still filming from the backseat as Jane is backing away from the door, completely embarrassed, apologizing profusely to her boyfriend’s roommate (unseen) – she can feel free to keep her body turned so as not to film anything inappropriate. She hurries back to the car and immediately begins trying to start it to get out of there.

She gets in and quickly begins trying to start her car but it won’t start. She tries over and over again, rapidly pumping the gas and also pinning it to the floor and holding it. She is so embarrassed and just wants to get out of there. The camera is getting full body shots and some close-up leg shots of her bouncing thigh.

About halfway through the video, she stops and wonders what she should do. She does not want to have to go back to the door. She quickly grabs her phone and calls a girlfriend to come get her but gets voicemail. The camera fades (this is just to move to the front seat).

The camera fades back in filming from the passenger seat as Jane begins trying to start her car again with more desperate cranking and pumping and holding. She is really pumping it and grinding on the stater as she is so embarrassed and just wants to get out of there. The camera is still getting full body shots and leg close-ups. After one last, long, desperate crank with lots of pumping and flooring, she gives up and decides she’ll have to go back to the door to ask her boyfriend’s roommate for help. She grabs the robe or jacket and begins putting it back on, trying to cover up as much as she can, as the camera fades.

Length: 5:58

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 471 MB


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