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1439 – Jane Domino Drags Boyfriends Lazy Ass to the Car for Pedal Pumping Show


Outfit & Shoes
Jane should be fixed up to go out. She should wear a super short dress and some dress pumps that are comfortable to walk in and pump the gas in (what she wore in custom video 1412 you did for me in the summer would be great). I would love for her legs to be bare for this one, but if it is just too cold, she can wear pantyhose.

This will all be filmed from the POV of her boyfriend and filming will start inside the house but then after that, it will be outside the car and then from the passenger’s side. Jane is a great pumper so she can just do her thing with full leg pumping (no ankle pumping) and holding to the floor mixed in. Please be sure the seat is adjusted up far enough so she can comfortably reach the pedal without stretching and we get good leg action. You know I love her bouncing thigh and don’t really want any feet close-ups. If the car can be manipulated (pre-flooded) to have some flooded cranking, that would be great, but I’d prefer longer cranks to shorter ones while she is trying to flood it so if you need to pull the coil wire, that’s cool. She will ever get the car to start.

I have some dialogue in here but you know I don’t care that it is exact, just so we get the idea. She is acting pouty and sexy trying to tease and turn on her boyfriend.

The camera fades in from the POV of her boyfriend laying on the couch (or sitting in a chair) relaxing. Jane comes in from outside and the camera films her as she walks over to stand in front of him, telling him in a pouty way that her car won’t start again and asking him to come help. Without getting up, the camera follows her as she walks back to the door. When she gets to the door, realizing he has not gotten up, she turns around and gives him an annoyed; ‘are you coming?’ look, tapping her foot impatiently. The camera fades out as he gets up and follows her out the door.

The camera fades back in as Jane is getting in the car, leaving the driver’s door open. The camera is filming her from the open door watching her as she tries to start her car. She pumps it hard and fast, holds it to the floor, pumps it some more, etc. The camera is getting full body shots as well as some close-ups of her bouncing thigh. Jane can occasionally ad lib some pouty, flirty, sexy dialogue saying things like: “See? It won’t start.” “I just don’t know what to do.”

She keeps trying, sprinkling in some pouty, flirty dialogue, “Should I keep pumping it?”. “Faster? Slower”. Again, she can ad lib as she feels like it being flirty and pouty but I don’t want her  talking the whole time.

About halfway through, she invites him to get in the passenger side. The camera picks up again filming from there. As before, it is POV of the boyfriend getting full body shots and several close-up on her legs as she cranks and pumps and holds the pedal. At this point, she is trying to turn him on as much as the car so she occasionally leans over close as she asked him advice. She keeps trying until the end of the video and tells him they should go back inside.

Length: 6:41

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 589 MB


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