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1346 – Jane Cranking the Jeep in Daisy Dukes, Black Vans & Scrunched Socks


Outfit & Shoes
Jane wearing daisy duke style shorts, a white tank top style shirt with Vans sneakers and socks that are being sent in.

Looking for a cranking video in the Jeep Wagoner.

If you can do a passenger view that would be great then moving somewhat behind Jane. Similar to Custom 1258 also in the Jeep.

Janes usual style of pumping is good if the seat can be further back and more full leg pumping.

Camera already in the passenger seat Jane is jumps in.

She says “I love my new shoes, I think I know what you want me to do with them.”

She starts pumping slowly looking at the passenger with a flirty look. She says “It needs a lot of gas to start.

She says “come on baby let’s get you started” then starts to crank and pump.

Jane cranks and pumps saying “please baby start for me” and “come on baby”.

After a bit she stops and says “its not starting, I need to pump it more”. She takes off her shoes and feels both pedals with her socks and pumps more. She says “thats better now I can feel the pedal”.

She softly says “lets go baby, start for me”. Then gets back to cranking and pumping more.

She stretches her leg to push the pedal to the floor and moves her foot back and forth giving the pedal a grind with her toes.

At the end she gives up on it and says “It won’t start is flooded, but thats what we wanted anyway”. She smiles and gets out.

Length: 8:19

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 650 MB


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