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0679 – Jane Domino Driving & Teasing New Co-Worker in Ballet Flats


Outfit & Shoes
Casual top and mini skirt or skater skirt; sheer nylons, preferably the ultra sheer ones where its hard to tell if nylons are being worn at all, but ok if a different color is used; black flats.

I’m the new guy at work and the boss has ordered Jane to take me across town to get my new workplace ID made. As we get in the vehicle and she gets it started she gives it a few quick revs just to hear the sound of the engine. As we begin our journey she floors it as much as possible, not because we’re running late or anything but just for the enjoyment of it. She takes notice of how I’m looking at her feet and asks if I like how she’s making that engine roar when flooring it or revving it. She then proceeds to move her foot provocatively on the pedal, grinding it and rubbing it a little to tease me and get me aroused even more than I already am! As we arrive at our destination or as the video comes to a close she gives me a sexy flirtatious look from knowing how much she’s aroused and teased me.

Desired camera angles are close up foot and leg shots as seen from the passenger front seat…as well as some upper body and face shots.

Length: 5:59

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 253 MB


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