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1400 (Pedals) – Jane Domino Tests Your Auto Repair Skills On the Jeep


Outfit & Shoes
Business attire type skirt or dress (weather permitting) with black stockings or pantyhose…office type ankle boots or low cut boots… if weather is too cold please wear pants but with pantyhose/stockings underneath.

**This is just the pedals view.**
Jane works in the office at the auto repair shop I work at…I’d really like to see her doing some revving and think I have the perfect plan…I think I’m being sneaky by asking her to come “test” the vehicle I’ve just finished repairing by having her rev the engine while I listen to make sure everything is ok…she starts the car and begins revving timidly at first but she discovers she really likes the sound of the exhaust as she’s revving it and keeps revving it progressively harder and harder…so it looks like the joke is on me as she’s really getting into it enjoying herself… the video ends she takes the boot off her right foot to tease me by showing off her stocking foot giving the engine a couple of quick revs before shutting it down…letting me know the car passes her test and she’s satisfied.

camera angles are full body shots with the driver door open as well as some up close shots of her legs and shoes…if she’d like to place her left leg on the ground to give a better view of the pedal action that is fine if she can...pip of the side of the pedals or under the seat, either is fine

Length: 5:53

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 282 MB


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