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1440 – Jane Domino Pedal Pumping Story in Daisy Dukes & Wedges


Outfit & Shoes
Since this is filmed inside, it would be great if Jane wore some short-shorts if she brought any with her this trip. They can be jean or cloth or gym shorts, PJ shorts, anything super short. Her top should be super casual as she is done shooting for the day. Her shoes should be whatever ones she wore in the Volvo custom video (Librarian) you just did for me, but will take them off very early in the video.

This would be a pedal pumping story video. The thought behind this video is Jane has just finished filming a custom video for a long-time customer and is now back inside telling the story of how after the custom, she really couldn’t get the Volvo started to move it back to the carport and she gives a sexy demonstration of how she was trying to get it to start. This would be filmed entirely inside the house.

Camera Angles, Action
The entire video will be filmed facing a regular chair like a kitchen chair or folding chair or something pretty rigid (no soft sofa or easy chair). The camera should be really tight on her, showing her whole body, including legs and feet, so when she is sitting in the chair, we see her head to toe, but she should fill up the frame.

As she tells the story and demonstrates for us, she should pretend like she is holding the clutch in and she should vary her ‘pumping’ by flexing her foot quickly to full “pumping” when she should be bouncing her foot off of the floor as if she is pumping the gas hard. She should also act if is she is holding the pedal to the floor some. As usual for me, I have some dialogue in here, but I don’t get caught up in the exact wording, just so we get the idea. She should talk about ‘pumping’ a little more in this video than she normally does in her others.

The camera would be filming already as she walks into the room. She has changed into something casual for the evening but is still in the shoes she was wearing in the Volvo video as she plops down in the chair. She takes off the shoes and briefly rubs her feet talking about how tired they are. She then starts telling the story of how you (Shish) left her to move the Volvo from the middle of the driveway back to the carport after filming a custom video. Jane does not have to memorize any lines just sort hit the points in the following:

After the video, she needed to move the car back for another custom later on, but she had flooded it so much in the video she just did, it wouldn’t start. She could talk about pumping it hard, pumping it slow, holding it down, pumping hard some more. As she is telling the story she is acting it out, stretching out her left leg as if she is holding in the clutch, pretending to turn the key, pumping her right leg as she describes what she is doing. Maybe she could talk about trying the choke. She could describe how it kept sputtering but wouldn’t catch as if it was teasing her and so she pumped it even harder. She talks about long cranks and short cranks.

She can say something about having no idea where you (Shish) went leaving her to deal with the flooded Volvo. Maybe she talks about the battery starting to get weak and so she was going to give up but it started raining and she thought she might as well keep trying. She could mention how tired her legs were getting.

Again, she should just ad lib which she is great at. I do not expect her to memorize any of that above verbatim.

At the end of the video she can maybe describe how the battery is now about dead and it is barely turning over but she keeps pumping it, hoping, just hoping it will start so she won’t get soaked. But the battery does die and she got soaked running back to the house. She could close by saying something like she just wanted to give everyone just a little taste of what happens sometimes when the cameras an are off. She gets up and walks out of the room as the camera fades. 

Length: 5:37

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 588 MB


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