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0611 – Kmo & Scarlet Leather Driving Gloves in the Camaro SS


Outfit & Shoes
Both girls wearing leather driving gloves.

**NO Pedal shots in this custom**
(Camera outside the house following the two)

They are ready to go to the mall in the Camaro. The two leave the front door and head to the garage where the Camaro is parked. The two hop into the car.

(Camera on the dash inside the car)
Scarlet in the driver side, Kmoin the passenger. Scarlet gets her handbag out pulls out her driving gloves and puts them on. Kmo is looking through her handbag trying to find her gloves.

Where are my gloves?” Kmo says. “Oh wait, here they are!”

Kmo then slides hers on while Scarlet turns on the ignition and starts the car up and revs a little. She reverses out of the garage and and drives out to the road. She goes a little quick and speeds down the road. She cruises down the road and drives down the main roads. She rubs and grips her gloved hands on the steering wheel from time to time making that leathery sound.

The two make it to the shopping mall. She parks her car in the car park. Turns the ignition off and the two get out of the car and leave to the mall.

Camera fades

(Camera inside facing the two*)
The two come back from the mall and head back to the car. Kmo decides she will drive and Scarlet will be the passenger. Kmo goes to her bag and pulls out her gloves and slides them while Scarlet does the same. Kmo starts up the Camaro and leaves the car park and heads to the streets. She drives down the road and heads back to the house. She likes to drive quick and rev mildly before changing gears. Plus she also likes gripping and rubbing her gloved hands on the steering wheel from time to time too.

The two finally reach the house and Kmo drives into the garage. She turns the motor off and the two get out of the car and walk towards the house.

The End.

Length: 30:25

Resolution: 640x360

File Size: 351 MB


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