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0602 – Tinsley Driving the Bus in a Black Dress & French Pedi Bare Feet


Outfit & Shoes
Sexy low cut top, bare legs and feet

Tinsley taking the old Bus out for a drive, really working the engine good and not being gentle with it. Really have her try to let loose because she is one of your more timid drivers. Downshift when she’s coming to stop signs and if possible, keep it in a lower gear when at speed to keep the rpms high. When she gets back home and parks it, she does some revving to finish the video.

Have her drive with both arms resting on the big steering wheel and her slightly leaning forward to show off her great chest.

**Tinsley does keep the rpms high throughout the video but she isn’t really driving it hard in the sense that she’s flooring the hell out of it, banging gears and really beating on it. It’s more of her typical, semi-casual driving while keeping the Bus’ engine in a state where you hear it revving up pretty high throughout the entire video.**

Length: 8:49

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 350 MB


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