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1373 -Mama Pierce Shows Baby Pierce How to Pedal Pump


Outfit & Shoes
Vivian wearing outfit similar to custom 1328. If her step daughter wears something like it also tighter jeans or leggings work, both of them in sneakers and slouch type socks.

Kind of see this as a cranking video where Vivian teaches step daughter to pump and she’s a natural type of scenario. Vivian and her step daughter are trying to take a drive in the Monte. Vivian gets in as passenger, daughter gets in driver seat.

Daughter says “Alright lets go!” and cranks the Monte long without any pumping. It doesn’t start. She looks confused.

Vivian says, “This older car needs some help to start. Let me show you“. Camera fades and comes back with Vivian in the driver seat.

She starts pumping and says “It needs a lot of gas so you need to pump it. It also helps if you talk to it. Things like ‘Come on baby start for me!” She cranks and pumps for a bit. Daughter watches and learns as Vivian works it.

She says to her daughter, “Lets see if you can get it started now.” Camera switches to Vivian back in passenger seat and daughter in drivers seat. This time her daughter is like a natural pumper, she learned her lesson well.

She starts pumping fast and says “Lets go baby!” then starts cranking.

She stops looking a bit frustrated and says “I need to pump it more.” This time she does some longer cranks with more aggressive pumping with full leg.

She stops and says “It wont start and I’m pumping it.

Vivian says “That’s okay, you’re a real pedal pumper now!

Her daughter pumps the gas a few more times and says “I love pumping and cranking!

Video fades out.

Length: 5:58

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 483 MB


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