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1380 – The Pierce’s in ‘Every Last Drop’ (Based on a True Story)


Outfit & Shoes
Some kind of business/secretary outfit for Vivian (skirt/blouse…) and some schoolgirl outfit for her stepdaughter.

A clip which focuses about running out of gas

The clip starts as Vivian is driving the Beetle along the road with her stepdaughter on the passenger seat (she has a bent leg on the seat that she holds between her arms). It seems the mood is tense between them.

As they’re driving, her stepdaughter in a bad mood says “I tell you again we’re lost.” to which Vivian sharply replies “No we’re not.”

They keep driving and her stepdaughter says, “We’re not gonna make it, look we’re out of gas.” pointing at the gas gauge.

Vivian answers “We have enough gas, we’ll make it.” to which her stepdaughter sarcastically replies “Yeah sure.” looking out the window.

They keep driving for several minutes. Several times, her stepdaughter, bored and moody repeats sarcastically/ironically that they’re lost and they’ll run out of gas soon and won’t make it (“we’re on fumes”, “I’m sure we’ll be stranded”,”Look the car is running dry”, we’re lost and soon we’ll be out of gas too”).
As for the Vivian she keeps saying, in a bad mood too, that they’re be able to go home (“we’ll make it you’ll see”, “Stop being bad we’re gonna make it”, “I know my car we won’t be out of gas”.
These are examples for dialogues, they can add what they want.

As they’re arguing, the car suddenly sputters, starts running rough and begins to slow, Vivian says “What’s wrong now?

Her stepdaughter sarcastically replies “Guess what?! We’re out of gas.” as she points the gas gauge.

This scene is filmed if possible with the camera on the windshield/dashboard so that both can we be seen from the front. If it’s not possible, the scene is from the back seat.

Cranking (7-8min)

This scene is filmed in front of the car

The car rolls to a sop on the side of the road right in front of the camera. As the car stops Vivian tries to start the car several times begging it to start.

At a moment her stepdaughter eventually get out of the car in anger and stands in front of it telling Vivian, “I told you, we’re lost and now we’re out of gas!

Vivian quickly gets out of the car and stands in from of the car too telling her “We would have had enough gas if we hadn’t gotten lost because of you!” They keep yelling at each other, blaming one other, they can imagine their own dialogues.

From there you can film as you want by changing several times the camera angles

Vivian finally gets back in the car and tries again to start it begging her to start, tapping the gauge, smashing the steering wheel. Her daughter-in-law then stands next to her repeating to her that she won’t be able to start the car since they have no gas. Eventually, Vivian orders her daughter-in-law to get back on the passenger seat, which she does reluctantly.
They keep trying to start the car (they can imagine their own dialogues). Her stepdaughter even tries to start the car too but in vain.
Finally they give up, get out of the car and start walking along the side of the road while continuing to argue about running out of gas.

Vivian and her stepdaughter act in this clip like they’re on a bad mood.

**Interesting note about this video — the car really did run out of gas almost right on cue! We were maybe 200ft from where we were going to simulate the out-of-gas moment but the car started sputtering and their reaction was 100% authentic to the situation. Couldn’t have timed it better if we tried!

Length: 16:24

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.01 GB


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