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0614 – Tinsley Cranking the Coronet in Black Leather Boots


Outfit & Shoes
White tshirt, black miniskirt and black knee high leather boots.

PiP: a fixed camera looking at the front of the Coronet with the headlights on, it doesn’t have to show the windscreen if that will cause you problems filming but if you can get the headlights and Tinsley through the windscreen together that would be even better! This camera will capture the cranking and dimming headlights as the battery dies.

Main camera is looking in through the passenger side, not really interested in pedal shots, so legs and body shots are what I would like to see.

Tinsley is checking her phone, she has been sat waiting for her friend in the car for quite a while and the engines beginning to get a bit rough. She tries to rev it to even it out but it splutters and stalls, she dials a number on the phone it rings but goes to voicemail.

Mandie, where are you? I’ve been sat here for ages, I’m hungry, bored, my cars started playing up, get out here!

Tinsley hangs up the phone and restarts the Coronet, it’s still running rough and she tries to rev it to keep it running, but she pumps the pedal too fast and the engine stalls again, she pumps the pedal quickly trying to stop it from stalling but actually ends up flooding it.

Oh don’t do this…

Tinsley tries to restart the car but now it’s flooded and not starting, she tries different ways of pumping the pedal (nothing overly aggressive), bouncing in the seat, begging but it’s having no effect. After a while the battery is getting weak

Oh no the batteries getting weak, don’t die on me…” She pleads

She keeps trying but the battery grinds to a halt, she tries it a couple more times but it’s dead. She picks up the phone and dials a number

Mandie, you better get here right now, my car is dead, I’m stranded…

Tinsley opens the drivers door as she gets out to continue the call, and we fade to black…

The End

Length: 8:00

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 312 MB


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