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1358 – Vivian Picks Up Persephone from Class & Her Car Won’t Start


Outfit & Shoes
Can she wear the same outfit like the following except the jeans?

Same long sweater, same suede boots and same blue/green socks if possible. Socks will also look at the edge of the knee just like in the above picture. Any blouse or shirt is fine.

Can she wear the following skirt if she still has it?

if she doesn’t have the above skirt, can she wear the following purple dress?

Also, can she have some make up and earrings?

Please let me know if she cannot have any of the above.

Part 1 (2 minutes)
Vivian is picking up her step-daughter from school. Vivian is outside waiting at the entrance door for her step-daughter to come out. Then she comes out and walks with Vivian to the car. We can see both walking to the car. While they walk, Vivian asks her how school was today and stuff like that. Her step-daughter may ask her something like “Will it start today?”. Vivian can say “It took a lot of time this morning so cross fingers” Then, they get into the car. Vivian closes the driver’s door and the camera pauses. While filming Vivian waiting for her step-daughter outside, we can see her full body.

Part 2 (1 minute)
A student from the same school (the camera) is exiting the school (house entrance/exit door). As he walks, he sees a car from a distance, and he can hear the sound of a weak car battery. He approaches to the car from behind. Then, he passes by the side of the car and looks at Vivian’s window. Vivian is cranking the car and looking to the left side and smiling.

Camera angles: – This is when the student is approaching from behind – This is when Vivian turns her head to the left while smiling and cranking the car.

Part 3 (1 minute)
The student moves to the front of the car and sees Vivian’s face from the windshield window trying to start the car. Vivian is cranking and bouncing a bit while showing some facial expression of struggle to start the car. While she cranks, she is moving her body back and forth in the seat. She is basically leaning forward until her chest is almost touching the steering wheel and then returns to normal position. She keeps doing that movement multiple times while cranking. The battery is getting weaker and weaker.

Camera angle:

Part 4 (1 minute)
Vivian exits the car and walks to the front to open the hood. We can see Vivian’s full body from the back while she is looking inside the hood. Her step-daughter is still inside the car.

Camera angle:

Part 5 (1 minute)
Vivian goes back inside the car to keep cranking. The camera is now inside the car but in the back filming Vivian cranking. She keeps holding the key longer every time she cranks. She also tells her step-daughter “it is cold today. That’s why it is taking a lot of time to start”. She keeps cranking but nothing is working. She pumps the pedal a few times, then holds the pedal all the way down and cranks longer and longer. The battery is weak.

Camera angle:

Part 6 (1 minute)
Now, the camera needs to be inside the car at the front pointing to the driver view. She keeps cranking. The battery is weaker. She pumps and tries multiple times. After a few moments, she starts bouncing a little, like a sexy bouncing and says “C’mon baby c’mon, let’s go, c’mon start” but the car won’t start. She moves the gear shift between cranking attempts. Her step-daughter can tell her “Give it a little more gas”. Vivian smiles a little bit while cranking.

Camera angle:

Part 7 (1 minute)
Now, Vivian opens the driver’s door and puts her left leg out hanging (if possible, barely touching the ground). She also gets closer to the steering wheel and cranks the car. She keeps trying but it just won’t start.

Camera angle:

Part 8 (1 minute)
She keeps cranking and cranking but the battery is weak. She keeps saying start, “please start, please!!!!.” But nothing is working. Then, she says “Maybe you need more gas”, then, she pumps harder and harder but nothing is working. We can see her legs while she pumps the gas.

Camera angle:

Part 9 (1 minute)
The camera is now outside looking again to the windshield window. This time (the student – camera), moves away slowly while watching from the same angle. We can see Vivian’s face struggling while cranking and cranking. The car never started.

Length: 10:32

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 894 MB


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