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1385 – Vivian Ireene Pierce in ‘I’m Sooooo Fired!’


Outfit & Shoes
Warm fall office attire. It can be the same for each segment…maybe change coats.
Part 1: Black flat mules (I’ll purchase and ship these to you asap.)
Part 2: New tan flat slides from Custom #1355
Part 3: New Silver and black heel slides from custom #1355

The Volvo (or Jeep) has run out of gas arriving home but Vivian has no idea since the gas gauge unknowingly failed yesterday.

Day 1: The Stall (Fall office wear with new black flat mules)
You’re home from work and head to the Volvo to park it for the day after taking some heavy items into the house. It was running rough and stalled before you turned it off but you figured that was the Volvo being the Volvo. You attempt to restart it but it’s showing little to no signs of restarting. You figure it’s flooded but holding the pedal to the floor isn’t working so you decide to stop flooring the pedal and start pumping it. This is weird, even for the Volvo, so you begin to pump a little faster and longer but it’s no use. Figuring it just needs a break from the long drive, you decide to leave it there and hope for the best in the morning.

Day 2: Cold Start Fail (Warm office wear with the new tan flat slides)
The Volvo gave an epic fight yesterday so you’re not taking chances, especially considering you are on your last strike at work for being late. You just got in the Volvo already dressed for work but still need to do your hair. You decide to try warming up the Volvo early so you just slid into your new braided slides. It’s a good sign at first because the Volvo is sputtering to start but it soon settles into a steady cranking. You’re pumping but you don’t smell fuel at all. You know it’s not flooded…it actually sounds like it’s out of gas? But the gauge says half so you decide to pump a little faster than normal, your foot rythmically lifting off and back onto the pedal each time, with each attempt causing you to try a little longer. After another epic struggle, you give up and hurry inside to finish your hair, get into your heel slides and pray that it isn’t what you think it is.

Chapter 3: Start it or Fired (Same outfit but with the new silver and black heel slides)
You’re back in the Volvo and now you know not to worry about flooding it. You go to war, cranking and pumping as the Volvo just cranks and sounds completely out of gas. You don’t know what else to do. The gauge must be lying but, more importantly, you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE LATE. You try pumping desperately, knowing that each failed attempt is that much closer to trouble. Finally, you decide to stop. You throw yourself back in the seat, let out a sigh and declare “Sooo, yeah, I’m totally fired”. You end the video with a final, fading cranking and fast pumping attempt.

– Camera angle and PiP can be the exact same back seat with a full body view as the preview image for custom #1356 (

– I’ll order and send the black mules asap.

– Because it’s colder, please have Vivian start from inside the car. She can just open or close the door to signal fade to black.

– Like with custom #1355, I would love to have the foot only vids as well. Thanks Shish and Viv!!

Length: 18:01

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.51 GB


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