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1431 (SD-MP4) – Vivian Ireene Pierce Has to Pickup Little Billy Due to Field Trip Being Canceled


Outfit & Shoes
Tight blue jeans, sweater, suntan pantyhose reinforced toe, brown loafers.
Hair down and parted.

We see her high stepping to the car
She hops in checks her lipstick and makeup
She starts priming the carburetor and twists the key and no catch
She tries again and now it’s a cranking and pumping marathon with the motor just giving her the raspberries
After several attempts she stops to chill and refocus
She twirls her right foot a few times and goes back to cranking and pumping marathon
After a couple of attempts she pulls off her right boot and sees a few pebbles and shakes them out and pulls off her other boot
Rubs her feet together and tries again cranking and pumping in her stocking feet until the battery gets tired
She sulks realizing it ain’t cranking
She looks to see if jimmy is home and tries to call so she can borrow his Chrysler 300
As the PTP logo comes up she is waiting patiently for his answer

Full body of her on the couch sitting with right leg crossed over left knee
Full body of her putting on her boots
Passenger side full body and leg well close up of her pumping and grinding and quite a few POV of her cranking and pumping both in boots and stocking feet and a close up of her hand twisting key
Footwell light if necessary


Length: 5:47

Resolution: 640 x 360

File Size: 140 MB


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