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1364 – Vivian Late for Work & Getting Later in Red Slippers


Outfit & Shoes
Dress, nude hose, Size 6 Red Trooper Slippers from the model closet

Vivian is off to work, but is having problems getting her car to start. She cranks and pumps a few times, but the car is not wanting to start. She tries again, cranking pumping more and more, but the car is just not starting. She is determined not to be late for work, and starts cranking and pumping over and over again, as the car teases her like it is going to start, but it is just not starting. Vivian keeps cranking and pumping, and the battery finally gives out.

Angles: driver side with door open, over the shoulder, and passenger side

Length: 16:17

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.31 GB


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