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1365 – Vivian Ireene Pierce in “Oh You Deliciously Devilish Woman”


Outfit & Shoes
Vivian will be wearing a black dress that is to her knees, make up done like she is going out and wants to be noticed. The same type of pantyhose she wore in custom 1295, Cecilia de Rafael “ultra shiny” I think those are the ones. shoes¬†

Vivian has found out about my pedal pumping fetish, so she has dressed up and taken me out to give me a show.

Video opens POV style in the backseat with Vivian pulling a blind fold off, as if she blindfolded me and took me out to the car. The camera will look around then at her. She will say “there we go now you can see” the camera will check out her outfit and she will giggle and say “You like this?
The camera will nod slowly to say yes.
She will say “Good, you know I was on your computer the other day and found some interesting material.” she will turn back to face forward put both hands on the wheel look in the review mirror at the camera and start pumping the gas pedal, rocking on her heel, about once a second or so, full pumps all the way to the floor and back up.
She will then say with a sly look and teasing voice “Now I know why I have had so much trouble with my cars, you enjoyed making me late for work all those times?
She will keep pumping the pedal then say “You tell me when to try and start it, ok?” and she will speed up her pumping and just keep looking in the rear view mirror at the camera with a smirk.

That can go on for about a minute.

She will then stop and say “Oh wait, I know what I forgot to do, you just stay right there” she will then pop the hood to her car get out and go around the front do something then close the hood and get back in the car.
She will then say “Ok now, how about I try and get this thing started? From what I saw on your computer you like the damsel in peril

She will go into panic mode acting scared and pleading with the car as she tries to start it. Looking around and stuff. She will be pumping the hell out of the pedal fast and hard all the time pleading with it to just start so she can get away. She can make up what she wants, she has done them enough I trust her.
Have her cranks be long and then stop say “I almost forgot you like this too”
She will then get right back into scared, pleading character but this time slam the pedal to the floor pining it down as hard as she can and crank the car, pleading with it saying “Please fucking start for me” and “Oh my god why won’t you start” things like that she will not pump the pedal anymore just hold it to the floor as hard as she can begging and pleading while cranking until the end.

At this point you can go back to POV She will then turn around and say in a flirting voice “How was that? Should we maybe go inside?” video fades out, the end.

PiP view can be from the driver side like in my Custom 1065a
keep that battery fresh want it strong all the way through.

Length: 6:36

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 547 MB


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