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1398 (Pedals) – Evil Vivian Sabotages Good Vivian’s Date


Outfit & Shoes
Evil Vivian can be wearing anything Vivian wants, whatever she thinks Evil Vivian would wear.

Good Vivian will have on the same outfit as in custom 1405 and same shoes but with suntan sheer pantyhose.

Going for the good and evil twin thing here.

Video starts out with the Vivian’s evil twin coming into a bedroom and you can hear a showering or a hairdryer whatever is easier. She will smile and say, “Good I have time.
She will pickup a purse go through it and pull out some keys and smile. Video will fade out than back in {with the views I have mentioned down below) watching as Evil Vivian gets in.

I want to go on that date with the hot guy.” she says and starts pumping the pedal super hard and fast. “Lets see how you get to your date when your car won’t start!”

She will continue just flooding the hell out of the car. She can adlib things about how her goodie two shoes sister is always stealing men from her and she is done with it. She will teach her this time. saying She will pretend to be her and go out on that date with the guy instead since they are identical twins. This can go on for a few minutes.

I better make sure it won’t start.” she will try to start it and it will just crank. “Oh yeah that’s what I want to hear!” as she stars laughing about it. Pump the pedal even more and try it a few more times.

Oh yeah she isn’t going anywhere tonight! Good luck with this hopelessly flooded out car!” laughing about it. “Well I better get these keys back in her purse before she notices.” She will get out and the video will fade out.

Good Vivian is coming out and getting in her car. She will get herself settled then try to start her car. Of course it just cranks. She will try it a few more times but not really pumping it just keeping her foot on the gas. Then after a few tries she will crank it and pump it and say “Oh come on girl, what’s wrong with you?”

Vivian can adlib from here, she just wants it to start but she is too good of a person to get mad. Instead she will just start to get upset, then start to beg it to start then plead for it to start so she doesn’t miss her date. She can pump it, hold it to the floor, rock on her heel, do full leg pumping. All that. Some long cranking too. Then near the end, the car’s battery almost dead she will get a text.

What does she want now?” then reads out loud the text. “Too bad that your car won’t start, I’m enjoying your date for you. The better sister.”

That’s when Good Vivian will finally say, “You fucking bitch, she did this too me, Oh man I’m going to kill her!” then the video will end.

Main view in the car is shot from the passenger side B pillar so it gets full body, leg and foot.
PiP is shot like in Custom 1402

Length: 11:05

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 487 MB


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