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1450 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Takes the Bus for a Spin


Outfit & Shoes
Low cut sexy dress, wedge flip flops with red nail polish

Vivian wants to take the old bus for a drive.

Starts out with her getting in the car and getting it cranked. She revs it a little and then goes for a drive.

Things she does:
-take the revs high
-downshift when slowing down
-a little reversing scene
-lots of using the clutch and brake pedals

Main camera: Mounted to the front window in the bottom left corner if you’re sitting in the drivers seat and looking through the window over the steering wheel. So the view will be almost from the gauges that are over there.
Small camera: above her feet on the pedals

Not a hard driving video but a fun drive with a little harder action added in.

Length: 16:15

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 1.00 GB


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