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1359 (Face) – Vivian & Persephone Run Out of Gas


Outfit & Shoes
For Vivian, outfit from Custom 1293 (black mini skirt and purple top with heels.)
As for her stepdaughter, some kind of schoolgirl outfit

**This is just the face-only view from the driving segment with a little cranking at the end when they run out of gas.
The clip is focused on running out of gas but of course the lack of fuel doesn’t have to be real

Driving part (around 5min)

Vivian driving the car on the road in a hushed panic, her eyes glues to the car’s fuel gauge all the way. She begs the car to hold on until she makes it to her home. Her
stepdaughter wastes no time in teasing Vivian about this probable lack of gasoline and tells her that they won’t reach their destination while Vivian, very embarrassed, is
convinced that they will be able to make it but is obviously very worried too.
She console the famished car, giving the dashboard a gentle rub with her other hand nervously tending to the steering wheel. She prays her car to go a little further, tapping the gas gauge.
Along the way, she starts to doubt she can make it, she begs and encourage it to keep going (tap the gauge, rub the steering wheel, talk to her car as her car begins to show some fuel lack symptoms.
Her stepdaughter keeps teasing a Vivian, apparently happy with the situation. Vivian is afraid that her car would run completely out of gas soon and give up on her
If she could act really stressed and says some dialogues like “almost there baby, just a little more for me, okay…?”, “you can do it”, “keep going for me, please…” and some other stuff. Several dialogues her stepdaughter but not specific ones.

When the car comes to a stop, Vivian wonders what to do now. She tries starting the car for a couple of minutes but there’s no gas left to keep the engine running.

Camera angles : Main camera from passenger windshield/dashboard so we can see both of them. Small camera from main windshield/speedometer to have a view in from of them. Maybe like you did on custom 1303

Length: 6:37

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 266 MB


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