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1462-1 – Vivian Ireene Pierce Red Leather Riding Boots Struggles


Outfit & Shoes
Red leather riding boots, sexy leather outfit

**This is the entire feed of just the passenger side floor camera looking up at Vivian.**
She has a lot of issues getting the old Monte Carlo started. Her pumping is slow and steady while concentrating on listening to the engine cranking over. Occasionally, she mutters a swear word or two but she doesn’t get too worked up because it’s just a process she has to repeat until the car starts for her.

Main camera angle is from the passenger side with shots mixed in of her upper body from the front windshield and a shot looking up at from the passenger side foot-well. As much of her as can be seen from the head down.

It’s mainly a cranking video but whatever else happens with whatever storyline is fine. Just remember that:

-her pumping is slow and steady with some strategic placement of the pedal held to the floor or half-way during cranking
-priming the carburetor at times to carefully give the engine more gas because she thinks that’s what it needs
-she gets more disappointed instead of distressed as the video progresses

Length: 12:01

Resolution: 1920x1080

File Size: 360 MB


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