Annette Moving Volvo in Blue Vans Sneakers

Annette Moving Volvo in Blue Vans Sneakers

October 10th, 2011

Annette doesn’t know how to drive a stick but I want her to move the Volvo.  So I give her a crash course (verbally) on how to operate a stick shift vehicle.  She stalls the car a lot while trying to back it up but she does manage to get it moved….eventually!  Lots of talking, stalling and starting in this clip.

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  1. Annette Cranking & Learning To Drive The Volvo / Blue Vans

    Shish is going to give Annette a driving lesson in the Volvo shes wearing a white t-shirt, plum colored shorts, sun glasses, blue vans. Shish is giving directions to Annette on what to do hes not inside the Volvo hes outside as the clip begins Annette starts the Volvo the engine runs for about 30 seconds the engine stalls on Annette she cranks and pumps she even holds down the gas pedal a couple of times the engine attempts to sputter it doesn’t start. Shish has a camera mounted inside the Volvo getting upper body shots about halfway through the clip there’s a mini cam somewhere down near the drivers side door that camera will get footwell shots of Annette’s feet.

    Annette keeps cranking for about two or three more minutes it looks like Annette flooded the carburetor, Annette stops cranking for about a minute the Volvo is either parked behind the bus or beside it I’m not sure witch. Shish can’t open the hood because the Volvo is too close to the bus Shish gives Annette directions he tells her to put the gear shift in reverse to not push down the clutch and to engage the starter to get the Volvo to back up just a few inches so Shish can open the hood to clear out the excess gas, now that Shish has cleared out the excess gas in the carburetor Annette cranks the Volvo she has to do some pumping of the gas pedal the engine fires right up, Shish tells Annette how to let off the clutch and press down on the gas pedal to back up.

    The camera fades about three times Annette apologizes to Shish for taking so long she keeps trying the engine keeps stalling on Annette because she lets her foot off the gas pedal she restarts the engine and tries again the engine must have stalled on her at least ten times, she finally gets the Volvo backed up, now that the Volvo is back up enough Shish tells Annette how to put the gear shift in first gear she asks Shish if she should give it gas to get the Volvo to go forward she really doesn’t because the Volvo is on a slight incline that’s all she has to do is let her foot off the clutch and the Volvo goes forward she probably didn’t go no more then 15 or 20 feet max.

    Now that Annette has moved the Volvo where Shish wanted it parked she raises the emergency brake lever to set it then Annette asks Shish how to put the gear shift in reverse she puts the gear shift in reverse, from the 8:min 38 sec mark in the clip it starts over again this time from the mini cam it looks like its attached either on the drivers door or inside under the dash parallel to the clutch getting footwell shots with maybe an extra three or four minutes of video that wasn’t in the first half of the clip. Annette’s feet in those vans they sure look sexy in them.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Annette is really happy with herself she raises her arms in the air she goes “Yeah!!” she sets the emergency brake she shuts off the engine. The End. Annette you did great your feet in those vans as I said before they look sexy in them who knows maybe someday Annette might do a driving video in the Volvo. :D:D Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

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