Audrey Cranks & Revs the Bug in Riding Boots

Audrey Cranks & Revs the Bug in Riding Boots

September 5th, 2012

She gets in the Bug to see if she can start it up.  It’s been sitting for about a week, so hopefully the battery is good because she’s gonna need a few minutes worth of juice from it to get this car started.  She pumps on the gas in her flat heeled riding boots and does get the Bug started after a good bit of battling with it.  She revs it up and as she’s filming her boots working the gas pedal to rev the motor, the car sputters and stalls out.  She tries getting it started again but it’s too flooded now.

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  1. Audrey Crank & Rev The Super-Beetle / Tan Riding Boots

    Audrey is going to see if she can get the bug to start. It hasn’t been started in little over a week, the battery should have a good charge. Audrey walks from the house shes wearing a white pullover sleeveless shirt, denim jeans,tan riding boots .

    The bug is parked near some bushes. Audrey opens the door she gets in she makes sure the gearshift is in neutral. Audrey is now cranking and pumping the bug the engine doesn’t so much as sputter for about the first minute of cranking.

    The engine begins to sputter some Audrey pleads with the bug to start she says “oh please start” she says this about two or three times in the video. It’s getting a little warm inside the bug. Audrey rolls down the window on the drivers side she goes back to cranking and pumping the bug.

    Shish is getting great video from what I can tell hes using one camera hes getting a mixture of upper body shots as well as footwell shots, at one point he gets the camera up really close to her right foot too where the camera almost touches her right riding boot as shes pumping the gas pedal.

    Shish also puts the camera in front of Audrey’s stomach and the steering wheel getting video through it she stops cranking for about 15 or 20 seconds wile hes doing that.He also gets video from the floor on the passenger side getting an almost whole body shot from her head down too about halfway below her right knee as shes cranking and pumping.

    The bugs engine sputters a couple more times Audrey almost had it started, she has to go back to cranking and pumping. It takes Audrey about 3 min 59 seconds to get the engine started. Now that she has it running she revs it good.

    As Audrey is revving the engine this makes her smile she keeps revving the engine for about the next 2:00 minutes the engine dies on her, she gets it restarted with no problems she revs it some more it dies on her again after about a minute of revving.

    Audrey may have inadvertently flooded the carburetor a little bit she might have pumped the gas pedal at least two times before she started cranking again it doesn’t take much to flood the carburetor on the bug, a couple of times when she got the engine too sputter she held the gas pedal all the way down to the floor for about one or two seconds just long enough for the engine cough and sputter a little bit .

    It takes Audrey about close to two minutes to get the bug started backup, at first she doesn’t rev the engine what she gets the rpms up for a few seconds to clear out the carburetor out of excess gas before she goes back to revving the engine for the rest of the video.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen the camera that’s at the bottom of the passenger side of the floor maybe its a minicam, is getting upper body shots of Audrey revving the engine. The End.

    Audry you did a great crank and rev video in the bug, for those of you who like tan riding boots your going to like these tan riding boots. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 :D:D

  2. What shocked me was how vocal she was in this video. She starting to get more comfortable in pleading with the vehicle. Great video! I’ve liked Audrey since 2005, but I like watching her new videos more than her earlier ones.

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