Audrey Gets Setup to Crank – #277

Audrey Gets Setup to Crank – #277

October 28th, 2012

Audrey is giving you a hot revving show in the Camaro when you decide to take matters into your own hands.  You open her hood, against her wishes and stuff a rag into the carburetor so the car will stall out.  She tries getting it started again, not knowing exactly what you did all-the-while you stand there and get a good view of her struggling through the driver’s side door.  You even hop in the back seat to watch while she tries her best to start the car.  She begs for you to fix her car because she has to go.  You finally comply, satisfied with the treat you created for yourself.

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  1. Audrey Rev & Crank The Camaro Z28 / Black Patent Open-Toed Pumps / 1080 WMV HD Custom #277

    Audrey is giving you her boyfriend a revving show in her red 1977 Camaro Z28, she asks you ” Do you like that?” as shes revving the engine. Audrey is wearing a white blouse, black skirt, sheer pantyhose, silver toenail polish, black open-toed stiletto pumps. Audrey opens the drivers door she shows you her boyfriend her feet as she is revving the engine with her right foot.

    As Audrey is giving the Camaro’s 350 V8 engine a good revving. you her boyfriend walk to the front of the Camaro you pop the hood. Audrey knows your about to do something to the engine she doesn’t quite know what, she pleads with you not to do anything to her car. What she doesn’t know hes setting you up hes going to stuff a rag down into the carburetors air intake so the engine will die .

    Audrey’s boyfriend is setting her up to do a cranking show for him the engine dies on her. Audrey cranks the Camaro with the rag keeping most of the air from getting in the carburetor shes able to get the engine to sputter now and then one time she got the engine to start she was barely able to rev the engine it keeps dieing on her.

    Shish is getting whole body video from the drivers door being open the hood is open you will see quite a bit of the Camaro’s 350 V8 engine as Audrey is cranking and pumping the Camaro’s gas pedal.

    He also gets in the backseat he gets a whole body shot from Audrey’s back down to her right foot as shes cranking and pumping the Camaro’s gas pedal, she grinds the starter one time, this startles Audrey for a couple of seconds,. As Audrey is cranking shes pleading with you her boyfriend to fix her car, she also tells you if she gets it started she’s going to leave you where hes standing.

    After close to four minutes you her boyfriend walk to the front of the Camaro you take the rag out of the carburetor.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen you her boyfriend removes the rag from the carburetor. Audrey thanks you for doing that. The End.

    Audrey you did a great rev and crank video in the Z28 the dialog you delivered is great you look at ease and having fun doing the videos. Shish your camera work a always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S I forgot to add the is custom # 277. Who ever ordered this custom. I hope you liked it.I sure did. 😀 😀

  2. Audrey is a pretty lady with great legs and toes in pantyhose. Could one of your pretty models do a cranking video in which they hold the gas pedal to the floor instead of pumping while wearing brown or black sheer pantyhose. If they do it, could they do it in the Monte Carlo, Camaro, or the Valiant. You can’t see this on other pedal pumping sites, I’ve only seen it on two, in which the woman held the gas pedal to the floor while cranking almost all of the video. Men will love it, because they’re not used to seeing it, because nobody does it. Everybody pumps the gas, in which most women did in the 1980’s, but some of them also held the gas pedal to the floor during cranking.

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