Mrs. Audrey Giving Student Ride to School, 1 of 2

Mrs. Audrey Giving Student Ride to School, 1 of 2

March 11th, 2014

Some days, Mrs. Audrey drives her 1977 Camaro Z28 to school because all the little boys love it!  You live a few houses down and she gives you a ride to school often.  Today, you’re already in the passenger seat as she finishes moving her normal, daily driver SUV out of the way.  She slips her red leather driving gloves on her hands and starts the car…or tries to.  It takes her a couple of tries to get the old carbureted engine fired up.  She revs it up a bit to get some heat into the motor, releases the parking brake and backs up.  A few moments later, she’s cruising down the road with you riding shotgun!  You arrive at the school and you both go inside.

The class day is over and you’ve hopped in Mrs. Audrey’s car to wait for her to get done with her teaching responsibilities. She walks up and notices you are in the car again.  She says, “You must really like this car?!”  Little does she know, just how much you like it!  She puts her gloves on again and starts it but it doesn’t start on that first attempt.  She tries again…and again but it still won’t start. She tells you, “It’s okay, it’s hard to start sometimes.”  ..and she keeps at it.  She says, “I hope it starts also, it’ll be pretty embarrassing if it doesn’t.”  The video ends with her still trying to get it started.

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  1. Mrs Audrey Giving Her Student A Ride To School In Her Red 1977 Camaro Z28 / Red Leather Gloves & Tan OTK Leather Boots / 720 MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2 / PIP

    Mrs Audrey is going to drive her classic red 1977 Camaro Z28 to school today instead of her SUV, she knows the the boys love seeing her drive it, your one of her students that live a few doors down from her, ever now and then she will drive you to school and back home. Your already sitting inside the Camaro after Mrs Audrey moves her SUV so she can drive the Z28, she gets in shes wearing a black dress/w white circles, red leather gloves, tan OTK leather boots.

    Now that Mrs Audrey is inside the Z28 she puts on her red leather driving gloves and buckles her seatbelt, she puts the key in the ignition she gives the gas pedal a few pumps the engine doesn’t start on the first try. Mrs Audrey pumps the gas pedal a few times she holds it all the way to the floor she repeats this about six or seven times before the engine starts up it takes a little over 1 min 30 sec for the engine to start, she revs the engine really good to clear the carburetor of excess gas. Mrs Audrey puts the gearshift in reverse she backs out of the driveway, she makes a right turn at the stop sign there on there way to school.

    Shish is using PIP in the upper left corner of the screen that camera is getting whole body shot as Mrs Audrey is driving the rest of the screen is all footwell video, there’s a camera mounted behind the pedals showing Mrs Audrey’s right foot as she works the pedals, the drive is going great the Z28 behaves itself on the way to school. Mrs Audrey puts the gearshift in neutral and gives the engine a few quick revs before she puts the gearshift back in drive, she’s going a pretty good clip maybe about 45 MPH 50 MPH max, there at school now Mrs Audrey parks the Z28 in the faculty parking lot she shuts off the engine, she goes to her classroom you go to yours, the camera fades.

    When it comes back on you her student are already inside the Z28 Mrs Audrey says “ you must like this car” As she gets in and puts on her red leather driving gloves, she tries to get the engine to start on the Z28. The engine wont start. Mrs Audrey tells you her student not to worry it’s hard to start, she keeps trying to get it to start she says” I hope it starts soon too it would be pretty embarrassing if it doesn’t” As she keeps trying to get the Z28 to start so she can get her and her student home safely.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Mrs Audrey is still trying to get the Z28 to start.

    What will clip two bring us? Will Mrs Audrey get the Z28 to start or will she have to call her husband to come pick them up? We will have to wait and find out in clip two. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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