Audrey Rainy Day Monte Carlo Drive in Leopard Print Ballet Flats

Audrey Rainy Day Monte Carlo Drive in Leopard Print Ballet Flats

November 5th, 2011

It’s a nasty day out but Audrey has to leave.  She scurries into the Monte Carlo so she doesn’t get too wet and buckles her seat belt.  It takes her a couple of minutes to get the car started but once it’s running, she revs it for a second to clear it out and backs out the driveway.  The roads are slick and she ends up peeling out when punching the gas after she backs out into the road.  While approaching a stop sign, she hits the brake too hard and the car sputters to a stop.  It takes some work to get it started but she manages and continues on her way.

We’re glad to have this awesome lady back after a 5 year absence!  🙂

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  1. Audrey Cranking & Driving The Monte-Carlo / Leopard Print Ballet Flats / WMV HD

    Its a cold rainy day Audrey is going for a drive in the 1986 Chevy Monte-Carlo shes wearing a gray sweater, blue jeans, leopard print ballet flats, Audrey gets in she adjusts the drivers seat moving it up a little bit. Audrey puts the key in the ignition she doesn’t pump the gas pedal to prime the carburetor so she has to do a quite a bit of cranking and pumping of the gas pedal in those leopard print ballet flats her feet look really sexy in them. Scarlet is shooting this clip shes getting upper body and some really great footwell shoots.

    It takes Audrey close too 1min 40 seconds too get the engine started sometimes the way shes cranking this engine a couple of times she gave the engine short cranks shes really trying to get the engine to start it sputters about three of four times before she gets the engine to start she revs it good for about a minute she releases the emergency brake she puts the gear shift in reverse to back out of the driveway.

    Audrey is now driving on the rain slick streets if you look at Audrey’s facial expressions shes a little nervous driving on the rain slick streets she makes a comment to Scarlet about it wile Audrey is driving she has the windshield wipers on its not raining hard at all its more like a very lite drizzle looks like they had a really good rain in that part of Alabama. Audrey is driving really careful on those rain slick streets the speed limit is 25 mph and that’s about how fast shes going.

    Audrey is going down some neighborhood streets she goes down one culdesac she turns around to go back the way she came she stooped to make a left turn the engine stalled on Audrey this caught her off guard she puts the gear shift in park she has to do some cranking and pumping it takes her close to 70 seconds of cranking and pumping to get the engine started it looks like the Monte-Carlo is going to be like the Gran Torino sometimes the engine would die at an intersection and would take some cranking and pumping to get the engine started backup.

    Now that Audrey has the engine started backup she heads back to the house Scarlet says” The car has a mind of its own.” The drive back to the house is uneventful the Monte-Carlo behaves it self on the way back to the house, Audrey is back at the house she parks the Monte-Carlo next to the wooden-deck its about at least 10 feet to the left of the drivers side door.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen she puts the gear shift in park she takes the keys out of the ignition. The End.

    Audrey welcome back to PTP for this being you first clip you did great your feet in those leopard print ballet flats they look sexy in them. Scarlet your camera work great good work all. 😀 😀 😀 😀

    P.S I forgot to add this when the clip begins when Audrey starts cranking the engine if you look at her facial expressions either shes was either nervous or shes a great actress it reminds me of when she did that cranking clip in the blue bronco she couldn’t get it started this rattled her a little bit. I think were going to get some really great clips from her. 😀 😀 😀

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