Cassandra & Hana Driving the 1977 Z28 Around, 1 of 3

Cassandra & Hana Driving the 1977 Z28 Around, 1 of 3

May 10th, 2018


They take the old ’77 Camaro Z28 for a fun drive on this gorgeous summer day. Hana turns on some tunes and she takes off! They stop by a gas station and while Hana is inside, Cassandra gets behind the wheel and lightly revs while waiting. Hana gets back in and Cassandra peels out of the parking lot.

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  1. Cassandra & Hana Going For A Drive In The Camaro Z28( The Both Of Them Are Filming This Video Them Selfs) White Sandals & Black Open Toed Slides / 720P WMV HD / Clip 1 Of 3

    Cassandra and Hana are going for a drive in the Camaro a girls day out if you will Hana is behind the wheel she’s wearing a white tank top, denim shorts, white flip flop sandals. Cassandra is filming about the first five minutes of this video she’s wearing a black tank top, either dark or black shorts, black open-toe slides. Hana drives over to a Chevron food mart to get something to much on for her and Cassandra.

    Hana leaves her smartphone inside the car playing music Cassandra scoots over while Hana is inside the food-mart Cassandra gives the engine a few small revs before Hana gets back in. Cassandra is filming herself as she scoots over now that Hana is inside the Camaro she takes the camera and is shooting video. Cassandra shifts into reverse she is about to backup when someone comes up behind them. Hana tells her to be careful that they almost got hit by an a-hole. Cassandra shifts into drive and is slowly going to the end of the driveway she’s about to make a right turn.

    What Cassandra and Hana don’t know is Shish is also at the food-mart he’s in the jeep he also is shooting video, it looks like he’s on the other side of the food-mart parking lot shooting a wide angle shot of the Camaro while it’s parked, and as Cassandra backs out of there parking space and is making a right turn gunning the engine going as fast as she can when traffic permits. As clip one is coming to an end Cassandra is making a right turn.

    What will clip two in this three part series bring us? So far the Camaro is behaving itself will it continue to behave or will it stall-out on them at a stop sign or a traffic light? It’s done that to a couple of models. We will have to wait and find out in clip two in this three part series. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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