Joined PTP: October 14, 2010

From: Central Alabama

Birthdate: August 24, 1986

Shoe Size:  7

Favorite Type of Shoe:  Boots

Smokes:  No

Favorite Car:  Aston Martin

What cars do you or have you owned?  Currently own a Honda Civic but I have owned a Toyota MR2, Ford Lightning, Ford Cobra Mustang and a Saleen Mustang.

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  Multiple blow outs and I’ve even spun a rod before.

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  • Taking the Jeep back to park it before we end the shoot for the day. She has a little fun with it on the way back, squeezing that throttle down with her tan flip flops. She presses the pedal with her toes and ball of her foot forcing the heel….

  • She’s out zipping around in the old Bug, flooring that gas pedal in her white boots with the fur. That matching, curve-hugging sweater dress she’s wearing shows up well in the low evening light.

  • Hana is rocking this white sweater dress that hugs her curves and a pair of white stiletto boots with tha fur!! She wanted to take the old VW Bug for a drive. She gets in and cranks it for a while before popping the hood on the engine and seeing….

  • First off, I apologize for the crappy camera settings used for filming this clip. 🙁 Hana is decked in black leather and wearing those open-toe platform stiletto sandals. She’s having a hell of a time getting the Coronet started and staying running. Lots of begging, pumping, stalling, revving and trying….

  • She’s wearing a white button-down blouse, white with gray-seat riding pants and white strappy stiletto sandals. She cranks the car until it finally starts and revs it up. The video ends once the car is running good and she can put it in gear to leave.

  • She’s still out driving around in the old VW Bus. At one of the intersections, there’s some kind of issue with the light and we were going to go a different route but she didn’t seem to understand basic instructions, so, we had a slight hold-up until we got past….

  • Hana has on her blazer, white/gray riding pants and black leather riding boots. She has a hell of a time getting the old 1971 VW Bus started. She pumps it a lot in between cranks, really priming that old carburetor good! She finally gets it to fire up, revs it….

  • At first, Mari isn’t driving fast enough in the Jeep so Hana reaches over with her left foot to press down a little more on the gas using Mari’s foot. After that, Hana things Mari is driving too fast and starts telling her to slow down for things. Poor Mari,….

  • She’s got the grunge look going on right now because it’s ‘Casual Day’ here…or something. She cranks the bus a few times before it fires up, backs it up a bit too far and gets it slightly stuck in the ditch when she tries going forward. She has to back….

  • She’s stopped to check out some vacant property and while she’s out of her vehicle and looking around, some guy just appears out of the bushes. “Can I help you….??” she askes nervously. Seeing as he’s still approaching her, she starts to walk to her Jeep and sees a second guy…..