Christal Can’t Start the Camaro to Go Shopping

Christal Can’t Start the Camaro to Go Shopping

August 27th, 2012


Our newest sisters are going to do a bit of shopping and errands in the Camaro.  Christal is going to drive but if she can get the car cranked first.  The Camaro spins over and over while Christal pumps the gas mildly, not wanting to flood it.  She knows how temperamental the old Chevy can be and hopes her mellow coaxing will make it fire right up.  She’s getting more frustrated while her sister, Gianna, tries to keep her calm so their situation doesn’t get worse.  Unfortunately for Gianna, their situation hits bottom when the Camaro starter siezes up.  Fortunately, Gianna has her old car there at Christal’s house for some work but since it’s not torn apart yet, Gianna suggests they take it instead.  With that said, they get of the Camaro and leave it to get looked at later.

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  1. Christal & Gianna Cranking The Camaro Trying Too Go Shopping / MP4 720 P HD

    PTP has not one but two new models there names are Christal and Gianna they want to go shopping that is if Christal can get her red 1977 Camaro to start it can be quite temperamental when she first colds-starts it in the morning.

    Christal is wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt, sun glasses, denim holy jeans,I’m not sure it looks like shes wearing brown sandals on her feet, French pedicure. Gianna is wearing a white halter top, denim jeans, sun glasses can’t tell what type of shoes she has on her feet.

    Christal and Gianna have gotten into the Camaro. Christal is in the drivers seat, she adjusts the drivers seat the keys are already in the ignition she turns the key the engine wont start not even so much as sputter. Christal and Gianna talk through out the video .

    Shish is getting great video he has a camera on a tripod on the floor in the back on the transmission hump between the drivers seat and the passenger seat getting a whole body shot of both Christal and Gianna you can see a whole body of Christal from the right side of her face all the way down to the gas pedal you can see her pump the gas pedal.

    When Christal first cranked and pumped the gas pedal she didn’t pump it at first she would give it a gentle pumping some times she would press down on the brake pedal that did no good. Shish also gets video from the outside about 30 or 40 feet behind the Camaro as Christal is cranking and pumping the Camaro.

    A little later wile Christal is cranking without any warning when she turned the ignition key nothing either the starter seized up or the battery died with out warning, she tries a couple more times nothing the camera faded when it comes back on Shish is getting video from the passenger side window its rolled all the way down. Christal tries again for about a little over a minute to see if she can get the Camaro to start it doesn’t start.

    Gianna says to Christal” Do you want to go in my car? Christal says yes she opens the door she walks over to the passenger side shes so mad at the Camaro uses her left hip she bumps the right rear fender hard.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Gianna has gotten out of the Camaro. Christal walks over and bumps the right fender with her left hip she lets out a arrh arrh arrh!!!!!!! The End. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Christal and Gianna for this being your first video the both of you did great. Shish your camera great good work all!!!!! P.S Welcome to PTP hope the both of you like it here. 😀 😀

  2. Just want to give a warm welcome to our new hot sister models Christal & Gianna!!! These babes really know how to get your motor running!! We are steaming things up here at PTP and these two lovely ladies are a perfect addition!!!!!!!!!!!! Look for plenty more hot vids from these sexy sisters!!!!Camaro too! btw thats me in the backseat filming not a tripod LOL!!!!!!! Welcome HOTTIES!!

  3. Cassandra you did great shooting the video of Christal and Gianna. Are you going to be shooting more videos? 🙂 🙂

  4. Yes Praxis I have shot several vids so far…one of Christal driving Bug, Christal & Gianna go Shopping in Monte Carlo, a custom of Scarlet Cranking Monte Carlo in Boots, another of Scarlet (Cranking) & Me @ Chili’s for Girls Nite in Monte Carlo,Tiffany Cranking Volvo in Flats, Tiffany Driving Monte Carlo in Leather Wedges & an EPIC STUCK VID of Tiffany in the Dodge Coronet (so good, Shish walked over & filmed some great outside shots towards the end, stay tuned for that one!) This is the first Video posted that I shot, so I hope everyone liked it and that my others meet your expectations.Shish has been a great teacher!!!!

  5. That’s great Cassandra I’m looking forward too downloading them when there posted. 😀 😀

  6. Besides the starter going out too soon this video would’ve been longer, but I liked Christal’s first video. I hope her other cranking videos won’t have any malfunctions that will cut her scenes short.

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