Joined PTP: July 9, 2012

From: Atlanta, GA

Birthdate: September 13, 1965

Shoe Size:  9

Favorite Type of Shoe:  High heels and sexxxy pumps!!

Smokes:  Yes (electronic cigarettes)

Favorite Car:  Mercedes SL 550

What cars do you or have you owned?  Mazda RX7, Acura Legend, Porsche 928, Lexus SC 400, Mercedes S500

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  • Just found this clip and it’s the last one of either of these gals. They are dressed up in their stripper rodeo outfits and have to take one of the clunkers Gianna’s dad owns. They get in the car and Gianna spins the engine over and after a few seconds….

  • They made it to town, whew!!  Now Christal is going to drive them home but you can see that she pumps it a bit too much right away and it doesn’t take much when it’s hot to flood the car out.  Before making the situation unrecoverable, they decide to pop….

  • The ladies get in the old Chevy all dressed up to go to town.  Gianna slips behind the wheel and you watch her struggle to start the old car from outside the car.  You can hear the dialogue between the two as they talk to each other while Gianna keeps….

  • Gianna is driving the old Bug with her sister, Christal, riding shotgun.  The girls chat as Gianna pilots the Bug around with a lot of shifting, braking and a few issues here and there.  Her tanned bare legs and bright pink toes show up well against the black carpet and….

  • We’re back to the lovely sisters on their separate ways to work.  Christal ends up having some car trouble with the Bug.  It stalls on her as she’s trying to maneuver around traffic.  She has to take a bit to get it started again because that Bug loves to flood….

  • Christal and Gianna are leaving for work at the same time this morning.  Each lady is wearing some super sexy stiletto pumps with skirt a sexy blouse.  Christal gets in her old Bug while Gianna hops in her Volvo.  Both of them have some troubles starting their cars as we….

  • Christal & Gianna Late for the Party
    Starring , - November 8th, 2012

    They have to make their appearance and are already running way behind!  Christal is going to drive, hopefully she can get the Jeep cranked quickly enough to make them miss this event entirely.  She’s trying to start the Jeep while Gianna is giving her some coaching from the passenger seat. ….

  • Gianna Cranking the Bus – #267
    Starring - September 11th, 2012

    We debut Christal’s sister, Gianna, in this cranking custom video.  Gianna is late for work and her old VW Bus won’t crank.  We watch her struggle with this bus from both the passenger and drivers side as she pumps the floor mounted gas pedal in her black leather pumps with….

  • Our newest sisters are going to do a bit of shopping and errands in the Camaro.  Christal is going to drive but if she can get the car cranked first.  The Camaro spins over and over while Christal pumps the gas mildly, not wanting to flood it.  She knows how….