Christal & Gianna Head in to Work, 1 of 2

Christal & Gianna Head in to Work, 1 of 2

February 21st, 2013


Christal and Gianna are leaving for work at the same time this morning.  Each lady is wearing some super sexy stiletto pumps with skirt a sexy blouse.  Christal gets in her old Bug while Gianna hops in her Volvo.  Both of them have some troubles starting their cars as we go back and forth to watch them get their car started.  The struggle for a bit but both finally manage to get their vehicles running and hit the road.  The girls have different destinations and we get to watch them both as they drive their route.

4 thoughts on “Christal & Gianna Head in to Work, 1 of 2”

  1. Hi All,

    This is a SUPERB series which I really LOVE!!! Both Crista and Gianna are dressed very elegantly and look STUNNING…
    It’s great to watch the ladies battling to start their up their STUBBORN cars from cold using no choke with long cranking attempts with persistant gas pedal pumping too. Both ladies are a DELIGHT to watch. I particuarly enjoyed watching Gianna in the Volvo though… I’m ALWAYS a bit biased towards that car which is by far my favorite car in the PTP fleet. WOW Gianna’s shoes look SUPER SEXY on her – I really like the ankle straps with the buckles because I think they give her shoes a more dominant look. My I adore the section of the video which runs from 3mins 38secs to 4mins 52secs, which is when Gianna is struggling to manoeuvre the Volvo backwards… We get some WONDERFUL views of her feet working on all of the pedals in those SEXY shoes. We see some more coverage of her struggling to reverse the car at 5mins 49 secs into the video to though 7mins 11secs… SUPERB! The REAL highlight of the video for me is the section which runs from 7mins 42 to 8mins 22sec which is where Gianna is REALLY struggling with the stickshift to find the right gear… Gianna’s face conveys SHEER DETERMINATION as she tries to move the car forwards but she struggles to do so from rest in 3rd gear! . It looks a bit more like she is trying to stir a bowl of porridge than trying to drive the car! ABSOLUTELY EPIC…THIS is the kind of damsel in distress driving that I dream about!!! WOW… I can’t wait to see what happens in Part 2. Thank you ShisH, Scarlet, Christal and Gianna for this THRILLING new series… What a CLASSIC…

  2. Stirring a bowl of porridge…lol, never thought if it like that! Hmm, Goldilocks and the 3 Stick’s?
    “This gear shift is too tight!”
    “This gear shift is too loose!”
    “This gear shift feels juuuuuuust right!”

  3. Shishkbob
    February 22, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Stirring a bowl of porridge…lol, never thought if it like that! Hmm, Goldilocks and the 3 Stick’s?
    “This gear shift is too tight!”
    “This gear shift is too loose!”
    “This gear shift feels juuuuuuust right!”

    Heh-Heh ShisH… That’s BRILLIANT… ;o) I really like that!!!

  4. Christal & Gianna Going To Work / Black Stiletto Pumps / 720 P MP4 HD Clip 1 Of 2

    Christal & Gianna are going to work they both drive old temperamental cars. Christal is wearing a white blouse /w black vest, black skirt, sun glasses, sheer pantyhose, black stiletto pumps. Gianna is wearing a black sleeveless blouse / w white polka-dots, black skirt, black ankle strap stiletto pumps. Shes driving a white 1970 Volvo station wagon.

    Both ladies walk from the house to there cars, they both get in there cars at about the same time. Christal gets in her bug she has to adjust the drivers seat before she tries to start it.Gianna gets in the Volvo she tries to start her car first, both Gianna and Christal’s method of pumping the gas pedal are similar.

    Gianna gives the Volvo’s gas pedal about three short squirts at a time she rides the starter pretty good she will crank the Volvo for close to 30 seconds at a time. Christal she has a little bit of trouble getting the key in the ignition, it takes her about half a minute to get the key in, now that the key is in she turns the key she doesn’t prime the carburetor the engine sputters one time.

    Now Christal is cranking and pumping the bugs gas pedal, she gives the gas pedal three pumps at a time, it takes her about two minutes to get the bug to start, she revs the engine for about 30 or so seconds, she lets the engine idle it stalls on her she goes back to cranking and pumping.

    Gianna gets the Volvo started it takes her close to three minutes to get the Volvo to start it sputters a couple of times before it starts, both ladies plead with there cars to start at one time or another.

    What surprised me is with all that cranking and pumping that Gianna did she didn’t have to pull the choke out one time from what I can see. I don’t know whose shooting witch model. Christal is being shot with a whole body shot when she’s trying to get the bug to start, when she puts the bug in gear. Shish or Scarlet get in the back seat getting a whole body shot from the right side of her head all the way down to her feet.

    As Gianna puts the gearshift in reverse to back the Volvo out of the driveway. Shish or Scarlet are getting upper body and some really great footwell video. Gianna has no trouble getting into reverse, she has some trouble getting into first gear she keeps shifting into third gear by mistake she keeps at it until she gets it right, it takes her about three or four tries before she gets it into first gear.

    Both ladies make sure there seat-belts are buckled, there on there way to work. What will clip two bring us? Will Christal and Gianna have any trouble with there cars wile there driving to work?
    When they drive home will they get there cars to start? We will have to wait and find out in clip two.

    Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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