Gianna Cranking the Bus – #267

Gianna Cranking the Bus – #267

September 11th, 2012

We debut Christal’s sister, Gianna, in this cranking custom video.  Gianna is late for work and her old VW Bus won’t crank.  We watch her struggle with this bus from both the passenger and drivers side as she pumps the floor mounted gas pedal in her black leather pumps with an ankle strap.  She gets it to sputter and start a few times but it keeps stalling.

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  1. Gianna Cranking The VW Bus / Black Ankle-Strap Stiletto Pumps / 1080 WMV HD / Custom # 267

    We have a new model here at PTP her name is Gianna. Shes going to try to get to work. That is if she can get her rust-bucket a white 1971 VW bus to start. Gianna is wearing a blue sleeveless blouse w / white polka-dots, blue miniskirt, black ankle-strap stiletto pumps.

    Gianna walks from the house she gets in the drivers side door is open. I think Shish is shooting this video hes getting whole body shots from the drivers side a little bit later he gets whole body from the passenger side, at one time both the passenger and drivers doors are open.

    Now that Gianna is inside the bus she adjusts the drivers seat a little bit, she puts her left foot on the clutch. She puts the key in the ignition. At first Gianna doesn’t pump the gas pedal she puts her right foot on the brake pedal the first time she turned the key on the second try she gives the gas pedal a few little pumps, she does this for most of the video.

    As Gianna is cranking and pumping she pleads with the bus to start, she has to be on time to work or she could get fired. Shish switches from the drivers side to the passenger side getting whole body shots as Gianna is cranking, A couple of times the engine sputters one time had she kept pumping the gas pedal when the engine was sputtering she might have kept it running, the engine dies after about 20 seconds.

    Towards the end of the video Gianna pumps the gas pedal more rapidly at the very least shes nervous, shes afraid shes going to be late because of this piece of junk she has to drive, she keeps trying.

    As Gianna is cranking and pumping the bus rolls forward a little bit about a foot at the most, she stops cranking for a few seconds she puts the gearshift in neutral to make sure it doesn’t roll again. Now that the gearshift is in neutral she goes back to cranking and pumping the bus.

    A couple of times Gianna thought she was going to get the bus to start it doesn’t . It looks like Gianna isn’t going to drive her bus to work after all. Gianna gives up trying to get the bus to start she takes the keys out of the ignition she picks her purse up she gets out of the bus.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Gianna gets out of the bus, she goes back into the house. Maybe she can call her sister Christal or a friend to come over and pick her up and drive her to work. The End.

    Gianna for this being your first solo video on PTP you did great, your feet in those black stiletto pumps they sure look sexy in them. Shish or who ever shot this video your camera work great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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