Gianna Driving the Bug Barefoot with Christal

Gianna Driving the Bug Barefoot with Christal

September 21st, 2013


Gianna is driving the old Bug with her sister, Christal, riding shotgun.  The girls chat as Gianna pilots the Bug around with a lot of shifting, braking and a few issues here and there.  Her tanned bare legs and bright pink toes show up well against the black carpet and Christal adds some sexy teasing with her stockings near the end of the drive.

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  1. Gianna Driving The Super-beetle Back to the House / Barefoot 720 P MP4 HD

    Gianna is driving the bug back to the house Christal is riding shotgun as Gianna has a little trouble adjusting the drivers seat, after adjusting the drivers seat Gianna starts the bug up, it started right up with no problem. The only problem that Gianna had was she had a little bit of trouble getting the gearshift in reverse. Christal shows her how to get the gearshift in reverse, at one point Christal asks Gianna if she wanted to go backwards or forwards by mistake she puts the gearshift in reverse. Gianna backs the bug and puts the gearshift in first a few times to try to turn the bug around it takes a little doing she manages to get he bug turn around.

    Gianna is wearing a dark blue dress/w white polka-dots, barelegged, barefoot with pink toenail polish. Christal is wearing a white blouse, dark black skirt, black patent leather stiletto pumps, pantyhose. Now that Gianna has the bug turned around she drives down the dirt road at Casandra’s she makes a right turn she shifts through the gears with no problems, wile there heading back to PTP HQ Gianna and Christal talk back and forth, as Gianna was trying to get the bug to backup she broke her ring on her third finger on her right hand she hands it to Christal she puts in in her purse. Gianna isn’t going that fast 25 MPH.

    I don’t know whose shooting this video I’m assuming its Shish he’s getting for the most part whole body video from the back seat, you don’t see Christal’s black patent leather stiletto pumps until about halfway through the video, you will see Gianna’s right barefoot as she works the gas pedal as she starts the bug up and when she shifts through the gears. Wile Gianna and Christal talk, Christal does a little tease with her left stocking she rolls it down almost to her ankle then she rolls it back up to her thigh, on the way back too the house Christal lites up a cigarette I’m not sure it might be one of those e-cigarette’s.

    Christal tells Gianna the trouble she had working the clutch when she drove the bug earlier how her left heel got stuck she though she would get into a wreck because of it. Christal was wearing her black patent stiletto pumps when she drove the bug, the drive is over Gianna turns into the driveway back at the house the Jeep is to the left as Gianna puts the gearshift into first gear.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen as Christal puts her black stiletto pumps on her feet Gianna shuts the bugs engine off. The End.

    Gianna you did a great driving video in the bug you have sexy bare-feet, both you and Christal are a 10. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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