This video covers a few requests, one being the door buzzing/dinging sound when left open. More than a couple of you folks out there have emailed me about it and surprisingly, I found a clip to hopefully satiate your pallet. 🙂
It’s dark out and Hana is dressed up ready to go out! She walks to the Coronet wearing her big black fur coat, short pleated skirt and black over-the-knee stiletto boots. She gets in the car but leaves the door open. She has a 10+ minute battle with the Coronet that consists of a LOT of pumping in between cranking as well as pumping, begging and pleading during cranking. The car sputters a few times and even starts up a time or two but fizzles out under the constant and incorrect pumping of Hana’s right leg. She ultimately gives up and calls it a night.