Hana has on a cute riding inspired outfit on and is ready to go to town.  Her old and mostly untrustworthy Cadillac is the choice of vehicle since she’s got some girlfriends waiting on her to pick them up.  She slides in behind the wheel,  puts the key in, primes the carb by pumping the gas about half a dozen times and turns it over.  You can hear the slow spinning over of the motor.  She primes the carb some more with about a dozen pumps this time and still gets the slow spinning over of the motor.  She does this a few times and the car finally starts.  She then revs it up to get some heat into the motor but it backfires slightly and conks out.  She battles for a while, going back and forth between slow spinning over of the motor and rough revving of the engine.  With each cycle, the battery is getting weaker and weaker.  She’s unable to get the car to cooperate long enough before the battery dies.