Hana Driving the Camaro SS – #303

Hana Driving the Camaro SS – #303

April 21st, 2013

She loves driving this car and loves showing off her pantyhose covered legs at the same time!  She makes a quick pit stop before she hits the road.  She tries opening it up a few times on the highway in between gaps in traffic.  Her white stiletto pumps work the pedals as she flirts with you staring at her legs.

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  1. I want to begin my comments by stating how lucky we are as members of PTP to be able to have the sisters Mari and Hana appear in separate vids in one weekend. Mari was sexy as ever first cranking then revving the engine refurbished (sort of) VW Bus on Friday and now with Hana’s vid driving the Camero.

    Hana was at her delightfully teasing self in this vid. The vid opened up with Hana walking back to the car after stopping off at a gas station. Hana was wearing a beautifully long black skirt. When the next scene showed Hana behind the wheel she immediately hiked up her skirt to reveal succulent legs encased in suntan pantyhose.

    Hana twice flirted with members as she faced towards the camera. She has such a gorgeously sculpted face, and twice in revealing that sly smile of hers she formed her lips into a kiss – one would think directed right at you as you watched her drive the Camero.

    It was a pleasure watching Hana’s expertise at driving a six-speed manual transmission sports car. She often let the engine roar, seemingly depressing the gas pedal pretty much down to the floorboard wearing gorgeous white pumps. I was entranced by two things:
    1). Hana’s right hand with the fingers seemingly playing and caressing the gear shift lever at certain points in the vid.

    2). Those gorgeous legs of Hana’s! I loved her right leg movement, knee lowering on the seat as she gave the car a lot of gas, and then as her leg lifted upward when she let up on the gas pedal or went transferred her foot to the brake pedal. Even the key ring seemingly dangling close to and almost resting against Hana’s right knee added to the element of arousal while watching the vid. Lucky key ring, lol!

    As in two points in the vid with the Camero up to a good speed in high gear, I almost thought that Hana was going to re-position her left leg, replicating what she did in an earlier vid: custom vid #237 in which she teasingly revved the Coronet from a few years back. In that vid, Hana repositioned her left foot up on the dashboard and started playing with her nylon encased legs with the fingers of her hand. This vid featured Hana fondling, rubbing, massaging and stroking her nylon encased legs with her fingers, all the while with a devilish grin as Hana looked into the camera’s eye. In today’s vid, Hana only placed her left foot closer and practically up against the seat however she twice finger scratched an itch that had formed on her legs and undoubtedly caused by the pantyhose she was wearing. Perhaps if she were to ever drive the Coronet again, a car that is a automatic transmission vehicle (no clutch) Hana could reposition her left leg up on the dashboard while the car is in motion, (and fingers once again doing all sorts of playful things with her nylon encased legs)! Now that would be off-the-charts arousing to watch.

    Finally what happened at the end left me wanting more. Just before the vid ended, Hana managed to stall out the Camero. Her clearly vocalized expletive, left no doubt that the engine was suddenly not running. Boy, I would have loved to see if Hana had any difficulty re-starting the Camero. They say that quite often the hardest car to start is one that has just stalled out with the engine hot and possibly “vapor-locked”. I was left wondering: Did Hana manage to re-start the Camero on her first effort, or the 15th? Just as in another classic vid previously filmed by Shish and Hana in which the Volvo, totally unplanned, stalled out at a fast food drive-in lane and this gorgeous lady simply could not re-start the car, did it also happen with the Camero if the camera had stayed on?

    Great job by both Hana and Shish in filming this sexually charged vid!!

  2. My dear Jackson… if you’ll LISTEN to the audio of this clip, you will hear that Hana is talking to another girl…..me! Last time I checked, Shish had a very manly voice…..he let me film this video of Hana on the day of our double model shoot, all vids that day were filmed by Hana and I.. someone didn’t watch the whole clip, just pretended….TSK! TSK! ;p

  3. Hana Driving The Camaro On The Freeway / White Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps / Custom #303 WMV 1080i HD

    Hana is doing a custom driving video in Shish’s 2001 Camaro, she’s wearing a white turtleneck sweater, black skirt, sheer pantyhose, white patent leather Stiletto pumps. As the video begins at a B.P service station filling the tank up with gas she also buys something to much on.

    The camera fades when it comes back on Hana is on the freeway she’s eating something. Cassandra is in the passenger seat getting a mixture of upper body video and footwell video as Hana shifts through the gears, if you look at the clock on the dashboard it’s 4:56 PM if the clock is set at the correct time everybody is getting off work and heading home.

    From what I can tell Hana only shifted into third gear the fastest she was able to go at any given time 50 MPH maybe 60 MPH max. Hana lifts her skirt a couple of times showing her upper thighs on both legs. Hana and Cassandra talk some in this video one of the things they talk about is witch freeway offramp too get off.

    Hana is driving on the freeway barely five minutes traffic is getting a little heavier. Hana looks at the instrument cluster the check engine service light comes on Hana is not happy to see it, she points to the check engine service light too Cassandra. Hana also points too traffic coming on the other side of the freeway she’s not happy to see how heavy traffic is on the other side.

    Hana turns to the camera she blows kisses a couple of times. Hana is getting off the freeway she turns to the camera to blow a kiss, she lets off the clutch she must have forgot to shift into first gear because when she let off the clutch the engine stalled on her she said ” F#ck!!” The End.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen the engine has just stalled and Hana says f#ck!!

    Hana you did a great custom driving video who ever ordered this custom I hope they liked it I sure did, your feet in those white patent leather pumps they look sexy in them.

    Cassandra your doing a great job shooting these videos keep up the good work. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Cassandra,

    I was only referring to the fact that right at the end of this excellent vid, Hana loudly uttered that obscenity based on the fact that the Camaro obviously had stalled out on her. Nothing more, nothing less. Praxis came to the same conclusion in his excellent analysis about what happened to the Camaro right at the end of the vid.

    I do apologize to you however if I thought that it was Shish who was filming this vid. My focus, quite obviously was on Hana driving the Camaro in that sexy outfit – not on the person actually holding the camera. You did an outstanding job!

    BTW, I most definitely watched EVERY SECOND of that vid!! With those sexy nylon-encased legs of Hana staring at me it was impossible to pull away from this vid!!!!

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