Hana Driving the Camaro SS – #303 (extended)

Hana Driving the Camaro SS – #303 (extended)

February 22nd, 2015

Cassandra is riding shotgun as Hana gets to take the Camaro SS out for some fun driving.  They stop to fill up the tank and chat a bit as they pump gas.  Hana gets some munchies in the store, even though I specifically told her not to eat anything in the car.  But hey, not herso why should she give a shit, right?  They hit the road and try their best to have some fun in the car in between the gaps in traffic.

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  1. Hana Driving The 01ss Cold Windy Day / White Patent Leather Pumps / Custom #303 (Extended)

    This is an extended version of custom 303 that Hana did back in 2013 Cassandra is riding shotgun and shooting the video there’s roughly an extra ten minutes of video in this clip, the video starts at the garage back at the house. The 01ss hadn’t been started in a wile Hana wonders if the engine would turn over, it did on the first try. Hana is wearing a white long sleeve turtleneck sweater, black mini dress, tan pantyhose, white patent leather stiletto pumps, the engine fires up on the first try. Hana backs the 01ss out of the garage she lets the engine warm up for a couple of minutes.

    Wile she’s doing that Cassandra asks Hana to show off her white patent leather stiletto pumps, thru out the video Cassandra gets whole, upper body and some really great footwell video, now that the engine is warmed up it’s really cold outside Hana is not wearing a coat, it’s windy that’s not helping that before they can shoot the video they have to fill the tank up with gas at the neighborhood BP food-mart, after doing that there on there way to shoot the custom driving video, they get on the freeway.

    A really nice custom driving video, since I did a post on this two years ago I would be just repeating myself. Hana you did a great custom driving video. Cassandra you did great shooting this video. 😀 😀 😀 😀

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