Hana Driving the VW Bus in Platform Sandals

Hana Driving the VW Bus in Platform Sandals

August 9th, 2016

Sorry for the ‘floating’ picture-in-picture  view at the beginning. Hana takes the old 71 VW Westfalia Bus for a drive in these really tall platform sandals.

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  1. Hana Driving the VW Bus Over Too Cassandra’s /White Platform Stiletto Sandals / 1080 I MP4 HD / PIP

    It’s a nice day for a drive Hana is going to drive the VW bus over too Cassandra’s. As the video begins the buses engine is already running. Hana has a little bit of trouble shifting into reverse gear so she can back out of the driveway at HQ. Hana shifts into reverse gear she backs out of the driveway she stops at the stop sign and makes a right turn she rolls up the drivers door window a little bit, she’s wearing dark sun glasses, red pullover shirt /w white mixed in, black mini skirt, white platform stiletto sandals.

    The drive over to Cassandra’s goes without a hitch the bus behaves it’s self as Hana makes left and right turns mostly at four way stop signs. Shish is using two cameras one is PIP in the upper corner of the screen getting video from her right foot almost up to he neck, the PIP camera in the upper right of the screen floated for a few seconds it straighten out after a few seconds for the rest of the video the footwell video is perfect.

    Hana’s size 7 feet look sexy in those white platform stiletto sandals as she shifts through the gears and as her right foot works the gas and brake pedals, you can’t really see her left foot that good with the footwell camera you can see the left foot work the clutch now and then. The rest of the screen is upper body video that camera is mounted to the right of the rear view mirror.

    In all it takes Hana a little over eight minutes to drive over to Cassandra’s she doesn’t drive that fast maybe no more then 25 MPH at the most, the posted speed limit on most of these two lane mountain roads are around 25 MPH. The drive is almost over. Hana makes a right turn down the dirt road to Cassandra’s she goes down the driveway and makes a right turn and parks the bus next to what looks like the Z28. The End. Hana you did a great driving video in the bus your feet look sexy in those white platform stiletto sandals. Shish your camera work great . Good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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