Hana Driving the Bug in Moccassin Loafers

Hana Driving the Bug in Moccassin Loafers

January 4th, 2014

Scarlet is filming Hana as the girls make a food run in the Bug.  They chat in this casual video as Hana works the pedals.

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  1. It seemed as if Hana and Scarlett were enjoying each other’s company in this casual driving Bug vid. Hana has always proved herself adept at driving a stick shift vehicle. Surprisingly, the Bug started almost immediately for Hana, she only had to prime the engine by pumping it several times before turning the key in the ignition. I can only assume that the often tempermental small vehicle had not been left sitting in its outdoor parking slot for several weeks to a month without anyone running the engine. If that were the case I believe that Hana would not have been able to start up the 40+ year old car so easily as she did in this vid.

    One request which I’m sure that other members would eventually love to see if she’s willing. I refer to Hana’s sister, Mari. Wouldn’t it be great if Mari could be taught how to drive a stick shift vehicle, and then be filmed driving one as well as Hana can? There was a vid series in which Mari got behind the wheel of the Volvo station wagon and Hana attempted to teach her how to drive it. Mari didn’t get very far as the Volvo was in a bad mood that day, unwilling to start up easily. When Mari did manage to get the engine running and then backed the car up the hill, while attempting to do coordinate use of the three pedals in heavy winter boots she just stalled it out several times – and following each stall out Mari then had a difficult time re-starting the car.

    Perhaps to make things easier for Mari if she’s willing to eventually have herself be filmed driving the Bug, (or other manual shift car available at PTP) she should try learning to do so OFF-camera first in a few lessons with someone teaching her, (even her older sister Hana). Mari seemed to be a little nervous in that Volvo learning-how-to-drive-it storyline. Plus she just got frustrated with all that was going on, (learning how to shift, the pedal coordination, difficulty in backing the car up, the Volvo constantly stalling out and then hard to start up again). My suggestion would also be that Mari be taken to an empty parking lot and on level/flat ground, (instead of the steep hill located right outside of ShisH and Scarlett’s home) where she could get used to and have success at getting the car moving forward/backward easier and coordinating her feet on the pedals. Just a thought as I think that eventually Mari would be just as delightful to watch driving the Bug as Hana was in this vid.

    Hana you proved, again, yourself to be a pro at driving the Bug. Scarlett your camera work was excellent. I hope that you each enjoyed your Subway meals. And as you probably know Hana, Subway food is usually much more healthier for you than MacDonald’s greasy burgers and fries. You discussed on camera how you were watching what you eat!

  2. Hana Driving The Super-Beetle / Tan Moccasins / 720 P MP4 HD

    It’s a little bit chilly outside and there’s a lite drizzle, so Hana and Scarlet decide to go to Subways for lunch. Hana is wearing a red jacket /w white stripes, denim jeans, tan deerskin moccasins, as Hana gets in the bug Scarlet is getting a mixture of whole upper and some really great footwell shots as Hana has a little trouble getting her seatbelt buckled she also has a little trouble getting the key in the ignition. Scarlet mentions she has trouble getting the key in the ignition when she drives the bug.

    Hana primes the carburetor by pumping the gas pedal about two or three times, she does this first before buckling her seatbelt, now that she’s buckled in she turns the key the engine fires right up. Hana tries to go around some cars on the driveway she can’t go around them so she has to back the bug up on the grass to turn around, the ground is muddy. Scarlet tells Hana she might get stuck. Hana is sure she can get the bug turned around without getting stuck, and she does. Hana gets the bug turned around with no problem, she makes a right turn out of the driveway she stops at a stop sign and makes a left turn.

    As Hana and Scarlet are heading over to Subways for lunch they talk back and forth too Subways and back to the house, about half of the video is footwell shots, as Hana presses down on the clutch her left heel comes out of her moccasin as she pushes the clutch in this happens through out the video, since its raining ever so slightly Hana has the windshield wipers on, she’s not going that fast 25 MPH, she only shifts into third gear, they get to Subway the camera fades, when it comes back on Hana and Scarlet get in, Scarlet turns the camera back on, Hana starts the bug up and drives back to the house.

    On the way back to the house the right windshield wiper blade is coming off as the wipers go left to right, on the way back to the house Hana tells Scarlet she’s thinking of buying a car she might buy a used car or a new one maybe a Honda. The drive is over Hana parks the bug in the same spot where this video began

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Hana makes sure the gearshift is in first gear before shutting the engine off. The End.

    Hana you did a great driving video in the bug, your feet look really sexy in those moccasins. Scarlet you did a great job shooting this video. Good work all!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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