Hana Cold Cranking the Volvo at Night in Vintage OTK Boots

Hana Cold Cranking the Volvo at Night in Vintage OTK Boots

October 7th, 2012

Phone rings.  “Hello?”, you say.
“Hey, sweetie, I’m on my way…leaving the house now.  Will be there in about 15 minutes.  I just have to crank my car and go. Bye!”, Hana tells you.
Now, imagine this video is what you would see if you could miraculously be in two places at once. 🙂  Hana is freezing and ready to go.  Her old grocery-getter isn’t cooperating.  It sputters, coughs and starts roughly but it doesn’t ever clear out before dying again.  Is it out of gas?  Is the distributor wet?  She keeps cranking the car, trying to see if it’ll eventually come around but no luck.
Phone rings. “Hello?!”, you say.
“Come pick me up, my car won’t…I think I flooded it trying to start the damn thing!”, Hana tells you.


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  1. Hana Crank & Rev The Volvo / Vintage Tan Leather OTK Boots

    It’s cold and dark outside Hana gets a phone call from you her boyfriend to come pick him up. Hana tells him okay thats all I have to do it get in my white 1970 Volvo station wagon start it up. I’ll be down there in 15 minutes. Now that’s all Hana has to do get the Volvo started yeah right. Hana gets in the Volvo shes wearing a denim jacket, denim skirt, vintage tan leather OTK boots.

    Hana puts her left foot on the clutch she puts the keys in the ignition she pumps the gas pedal a few times it doesn’t start on the first two tries. Hana pulls the choke out the engine starts right up. Hana pushes the choke in a little bit not all the way in, after about 30 or so seconds she pulls the choke all the way out she revs the engine for close to a minute.

    She puts the gearshift in reverse she puts the gas pedal all the way to the floor as she lets off the clutch she backs up some with the choke still all the way out she revs the engine as she lets off the clutch. The engine dies. Hana tries to get the engine restarted she gets it started she revs it for a few seconds before it dies again. Now Hana is cranking and pumping trying to get the Volvo to start.

    When Hana pumps the gas pedal you can hear her pump the gas pedal she is not gentle with the gas pedal by a long shot, through out the video the engine backfires at least one time this seems to startle Hana a little bit, she talks to you her boyfriend its like your in two places at the same time.

    Shish is getting whole body shot from the passenger seat a little later he walks around to the drivers side getting video from the drivers side window and some video from the windshield as Hana is cranking the Volvo. Hana turns around too look at you asking you do you have any ideas as shes cranking and pumping. I don’t know if its her tan boots or the gas pedal when shes pumping it bordering on pounding the gas pedal the sound of her pumping is loud.

    Shish walks over to the drivers side getting video from the drivers door window and the windshield. From the beginning of the video Hana tries to coax the Volvo to start that does no good. The engine teases her pretending it wants to start, it almost catches a couple of times it still wont start. ( I wonder if the choke being all the way out would have anything to with that?? LoL :P)

    After close to ten minutes of cranking and pumping Hana is about to give up. Shes cold she just wants to get the Volvo too start so she can go pick up her boyfriend, it beginning to look like her boyfriend is going to have find some other form transportation to get home.

    Hana has had enough of the Volvo for one night she takes the keys out of the ignition she gets out of the Volvo she closes the door. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Hana has just closed the drivers door she walks back into the house. The End.

    Hana you did a great crank and rev video in the Volvo, for those of you who like vintage tan leather boots you going to like these boots. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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