Hana Drives & Gets Us Stranded in Arby’s Drive Thru

Hana Drives & Gets Us Stranded in Arby’s Drive Thru

June 30th, 2012

We’re going to make a lunch run with Hana.  She’s driving the Volvo and it takes her a minute or so to get the Volvo running.  Once running, she revs it up methodically and then maneuvers the car from it’s parking spot and off we go.  She drives the Volvo with ease as once it’s running, it’s a pretty fun little car to drive.  We get to Arby’s, hop in the drive-thru line and wait our turn.  We’re grabbing some grub for Cassandra and her hubby as well, so we don’t want to take too long to get back.  Hungry folks are awaiting our return with foods!  Hana orders, very loudly (I felt sorry for the girl with the headset on), our order and pulls up a bit and waits.  The car chugs a few times and she gets a bit concerned so she puts her foot on the gas to bump up the rpm’s.  She takes her foot off, to see if it’s smoothed out and it starts chugging again then conks out.  She tries starting it again…nothing.  She keeps trying, getting a bit nervous…nothing.  She keeps at it, pumping the gas a lot (which Shish tells her not to a few times) and the car doesn’t even want to catch.  Uh oh!  I end up walking to the window to tell the staff at Arby’s of our situation and fortunately, there is no one else in the drive thru.  Hana keeps trying but we decide it’s best to move it out of the way.  So I push the car while Hana steers it to a parking spot and she tries starting it some more.  Long story short…Cassandra and her hubby had to come get their food anyways and help out an old Volvo who fell and couldn’t get up!

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  1. That car just does not want to cooperate sometimes! Hana looks very cute in this outfit…..love her yelling at the drive thru lady haha..

    The reason this video takes a minute to download is because it’s 46 minutes long.. 🙂

  2. Hana Crank & Drive The Volvo Going For Lunch At Arbys / Help I Can’t Get Up/ PIP

    Hana and Shish are going to Arby’s to get lunch for everybody at the top secret PTP faculty LoL There going in the Volvo. Hana is wearing a blue mid sleeve shirt about halfway down her arms. sun glasses, tan shorts, black open-toed sling-back sandals. Shish is using two cameras ones a minicam I think that one is mounted under the steering wheel column that one is getting footwell shots Shish has that one about halfway down the screen on the right side, the other camera is mounted either on the passenger side door or the dashboard I’m not sure witch getting whole body shots.

    Hana has gotten in the Volvo she has little bit of trouble buckling her seatbelt after getting it buckled she tries to get the Volvo to start shes cranking and pumping the Volvo’s gas pedal she pulls the choke in and out a few times she gets it started, she tries to backup she has a little bit of trouble releasing the emergency brake lever Shish tells her to push the button and raise and lower the emergency brake lever she has to do this twice.

    After getting the emergency brake lever released she backs up she then goes down the driveway she makes a right turn she has to go back Shish forgot something, he gets back in and there on there way to Arby’s. Its not that long of a drive from what I can tell one way about ten maybe fifteen minutes max. Now that there in town Hana pulls into the Arby’s parking lot shes going through the drive-through she gives her order through one of those crappy speakers system she has yell at the top of her voice to get heard.( One thing is for sure Hana knows how to get your attention. LoL) 😛 😛

    Wile Hana and Shish are waiting for there order to be processed Hana lets the Volvo’s engine idle the engine begins to chug a little bit Hana tries to rev the engine it dies, this catches Hana a little off guard she doesn’t what to do at first for about 10 or so seconds she tries to restart the engine it wont turn over she pumps the gas pedal as shes cranking she pulls the choke in and out from time to time nothing its not even trying to catch or tease her she keeps trying. Shish gets out he lifts the hood to see if he can figure out what the problem is. Hana hands Shish his either debit or credit card so he can pay for there order.

    After about five or so minutes of cranking and pumping Shish closes the hood he tells Hana to release the emergency brake Shish pushes the Volvo over to an empty parking space Hana tries a few more times to get the Volvo to start nothing. Shish calls Cassandra’s husband to come over to help him get the Volvo to start. I don’t know how long it takes him to figure out whats wrong he does and the Volvo starts up after Shish and Hana and the gang finished eating there lunch Hana back out of her parking space at Arby’s and heads back too the top secret faculty LoL 😛 😛

    Wile there driving back Hana grinds the the gears about four or maybe five times. I think what happened when she shifts from second gear into first I don’t think shes putting the gear shift in neutral before going into first. I could be wrong on that. Hana has just turned on to the driveway shes driving down she parks the Volvo in the same place where this video started right besides the Coronet. Hana gets a little bit to close to some trees she backs the Volvo a little bit to where its even with the Coronet.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Hana shuts the engine off she raises the emergency brake lever as shes doing this the engine chugs for about five or so seconds. The End.

    This is a long video 46 minutes long that and its a large file 728.3 MB to be precise so make sure you have enough space on your hard drive. LoL 😛 😛

    Hana you did a great crank and drive video in the Volvo now that I think of it I think this is your first time driving the Volvo if memory serves me correct. I almost forgot your feet in those black open-toe sling-back sandals they look sexy in them. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    P.S Shish what happened did the resistor wire go out??

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