Hana Cranks the Bug with Collegiate Pride in Adidas Sandals

Hana Cranks the Bug with Collegiate Pride in Adidas Sandals

February 17th, 2013

She’s ready to watch the game but her car has other plans!  She doesn’t play around as she starts firmly pumping the gas pedal and gets the car to start a few times but it stalls soon after.  It’s flooded REALLY bad and it doesn’t look like she’s gonna make it to her friends house to watch the game! 🙁

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  1. Awesome and incredibly realistic cranking effort put in by Hana in the VW SuperBug. I loved Hana’s outfit and she looked incredibly wearing it. Quite an appropriate outfit considering the recent success of the Alabama Crimson Tide collegiate football team. As the famous saying goes “Roll Tide”!

  2. softball socks and Adidas sandals – hell yeh! those are the exact sandals I was wanting for a custom. nice!

  3. Hana Crank & Rev The Superbug Getting Ready For The Big Game/ Adidas Sandal

    Hana is going over to watch the game at a friends house, she’s going to drive her unreliable blue 1972 VW Super-beetle that is if she can get it to start. Hana is walking out to the super-bug dressed out in Auburn colors she’s wearing a red t-shirt / w Auburn in white lettering, white shorts, white tube-socks /w red trim, red Adidas sandals /w black trim.

    Hana gets in the bug she puts the key in the ignition she turns the key the starter barely turns Hana stops she forgot to prime the carburetor she pumps the gas pedal a couple of times she tries to start the bug it wont start. Hana is now pumping the gas pedal as she’s cranking, the engine doesn’t really begin to sputter until about two minutes.

    She might have flooded the carburetor from all that pumping of the bugs gas pedal she pleads with the bug to start, the bug starts at about the three minute mark she revs it for close to two minutes she lets the engine idle a little bit, that was a mistake the engine died on her she goes back to cranking and pumping.

    Hana pumped the gas pedal so much this time she might have flooded it really good. Shish is getting a mixture of upper body and some really good footwell shots he also walks to the back and gets video of the exhaust he also opens the hood and gets video of the engine as Hana tries to get the bug to start, Hana is giving the bugs gas pedal a really good pumping.

    She’s not going to let the bug give her any crap, Hana stops cranking for about a half a minute she replies to a text message after replying to the text message she goes back to cranking and pumping it takes Hana about four minutes to get the engine to start she revs it for the rest of the video.

    Hana is so happy that she got the bug started. Shish walks back over to the drivers side, she’s ecstatic she has a big grin on her face now she can go over to her friends house and watch the game. Go Tigers!!!!

    As Hana is revving the engine she’s rubbing her left thigh with her left hand. Hana gets out of the bug she walks to the rear of the bug she closes the hood, she walks back over to get in the bug, she’s about to close the door to drive over to her friend’s house.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Hana gets back in the bug she’s about to go over to her friends house to watch the game. The End.

    Hana you did a great crank and rev video in the bug, your feet look sexy in those Adidas sandals. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. ha! that whole package is nice! I hope you got her to do some revving in a real car in that outfit.

  5. Praxis,

    Great analysis, as usual based on all of the comments you have been posting on many of the vids. But as Hana is approaching the Bug in the beginning of the vid, she definitely has on an Alabama tee shirt, not Auburn. Inscripted on Hana’s shirt, (below the word “Alabama) are several words one of which is “championship”. This refers to the BCS football championship game back in early Jan. when the Crimson Tide beat the pulp out of Notre Dame. Alabama’s colors are crimson-red and white as depicted in the colors of the tee shirt that Hana is wearing. Even her socks match the school’s red and white colors. I wonder if the vid was filmed two years ago when Auburn, (led by qb Cam Newton) won the championship game would any of Shish’s models had been wearing those school’s colors. If you are a huge Alabama fan I do apologize Shish for even making that suggestion – one of your models wearing the Auburn Tigers’ colors for a vid. I currently live in NC, (although I am not native to that state). I’m quite aware of the Duke vs. North Carolina long-time rivalry in college basketball. Having followed college football for decades now, I’m more than aware that in the state of Alabama, the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama has the same level of passion for college football fans. Just as true Duke fans despise UNC (and vice-versa;) I can safely guess that fans of Alabama and Auburn each respectively despise the other school with a fury! I can only imagine, (just like a Duke or UNC fan) that an Alabama, (or vic-versa) Auburn fan wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a clothing item that supported the other school.

    In any case it was a great vid, and Hana showed her loyalty, without a doubt to her fav. school – Alabama.

  6. Jackson I might have made a boo boo as far as the school shirt and colors that Hana was wearing. I was going by Shish’s description in the caption I though I read Auburn somewhere in there, it looks like I was wrong on that. As for the video being shot a couple of years ago no. The Z28 came into the PTP fleet sometime last year. I think around May or September. 🙂 🙂

  7. It was a shirt and shorts I found at the Soffe outlet store in Dunn. I noticed she was wearing an Alabama sweatshirt in one of her vids and thought they might want some more ‘bama stuff. I sent the socks too. (A little less than a year ago.) Ain’t I nice? 🙂

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