Hana Parking the Caddy NightVision Boots & Fur

Hana Parking the Caddy NightVision Boots & Fur

January 29th, 2014

I think this was the last video of the very first shoot I did with Hana.  It could’ve been the 2nd shoot though…either way, a good while ago and back when we had the old Cadillac Fleetwood.  I’m having her park the Cadillac but with it being cold and dark, it’s a tough challenge.  I’m using the camera with night-vision, so it’s absolutely pitch-black if you’re not looking through the view finder.  She struggles with the big car, trying to not run over my bushes but parking it far enough out of the way to clear the driveway.
LOTS of stalling, hard starting, revving and backing up with her feet going from the gas to brake often.  That should fulfill a few more requests for you fine folks! 🙂

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  1. Hana Crank & Move The Cadillac Fleet-wood Off The Driveway Night-vision Lens / White Boots

    This is the last video of either the first or second shoot that Hana did for PTP back in 2010. Shish is using a night-vision lens on the camera it’s pitch black outside and it’s cold, he has Hana get it the Cadillac to move it off the driveway just enough so he and Scarlet can use the driveway, normally with any other car it shouldn’t take no more then a minute to move the car, when your talking about a PTP car it might take you all day. Hana is wearing a white fur coat,denim mini dress, brown leather gloves white leather boots at least I think there white, now that’s Hana has to do is get the fleet-wood to start with the fuel sensor on the carburetor not working it can be a pain in the ass to get the Cadillac to start.

    As the video begins Hana is trying to get the engine to start she’s cranking and pumping the fleet-wood’s gas pedal she has to do a quite a bit of cranking and pumping, after about a minute Shish asks Hana to hold the gas pedal all the way down to the floor to clear out the excess gas from the carburetor, the engine starts up she revs it a little bit when she tries to let the engine idle the engine dies on her. Hana gets the engine started to where she’s slowly making progress she gets the fleet-wood off the driveway just enough to where Shish and Scarlet can use the driveway, after a few minutes the engine belts begin to squeal when she revs the engine. Hana almost hit something maybe a car she slammed on the brakes the engine died on her.

    Hana opens the drivers door to see where she’s going. Shish is getting a mixture of upper body and footwell video other then that it’s pitch black outside, with one exception towards the end you can see a trees in front of the fleet-wood and the Volvo on the other side of the tree, towards the end when Hana restarted the engine after one of her cranking and pumping episodes there’s this whirling sound coming from the engine. I could be wrong it could be the power steering pump about to go out. Shish turns off the night vision lens one time only for about half minute he turns it back on. Hana gets the fleet-wood parked where Shish wanted it parked.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Hana gets the fleet-wood parked to where the rear bumper is up against a bush, the fleet-wood is off the driveway just enough to where Shish and Scarlet can use the driveway. The End.

    Hana for this being either your last video on your first or second shoot you did a great job, you catch on real fast how these video are shot. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all !!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. The best clip from Hana … Very elegant, with her beautiful white fur and black long gloves … The night video is perfect … Thank you Hana …

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