She’s called you over to help her get her clunker car started because she needs it working before she goes to work tomorrow. You’re following behind her to check her out in this hot outfit while she’s yammering on about car or something…you’re really not paying attention to what’s coming out of her mouth. She glances back and realizes you’re not paying attention and chuckles as she continues on about stuff.
She gets in the car to show you what it’s doing, which it sounds like it’s just really flooded from her trying to get it started earlier. It sputters a lot and after some effort, she gets it to run somewhat normal and she starts revving it up to clear it out. She’s finally able to move it off the driveway, yay!
She gets out of the Volvo, adjusts her boots and leggings and walks to the Coronet to get it started. After a few shots of her walking to the car, she gets in and begins the process of getting it fired up. Once she gets it going, she excitedly starts revving it up! It seems like this car is giving her the feels right in the goods as she’s really enjoying this revving session!