Hana Swapping Cars & Struggling, 1 of 3

Hana Swapping Cars & Struggling, 1 of 3

November 4th, 2022

Doing some car shuffling today, which wasn’t supposed to take too long but you know these old Chevy’s – stubborn as fuuuuuuuuck! She’s got a casual outfit on: blue tshit, boot cut torn jeans and black & tan cowgirl boots.

This first part is her just struggling to get the ’77 Camaro Z28 running. It’s not starting, no matter how much Hana pumps it. She pops the hood to check if anything is obviously wrong and gets back in the car, leaving the drivers door open. She keeps cranking it and is able to get it to start sputtering. Ok, she might be getting somewhere now but damn, this car is being stubborn!!

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  1. Hana Mixed Multiple ( The Camaro Is Being Temperamental- Lets See How The Other Cars Act) Clip 1 Of 3 / Black & Tan Cowgirl Boots / 720P MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day to swap out the cars in the fleet and move them around Hana is given that task that’s all she has to is first start the Camaro and move it it should be that easy right? With the Camaro it can be really temperamental, that’s an understatement to say the least.

    Hana is wearing a blue t-shirt, faded torn denim jeans, black & tan cowgirl boots. Shish is shooting a mixture of wide, whole, upper and footwell video with the drivers door and the passenger doors open at different times in the video. Hana has pumped the gas pedal so much the engine doesn’t even try to catch for a little over five minutes, she has a quite a few false starts, she even had the engine running for a few minutes before the engine dies on her.

    After about seven or so minutes Hana gets out she pops the hood she has a little bit of trouble with the hood latch, she finally gets the hood up all the way, the air is pungent with gas, enough to where she almost gags when she takes a breath, she looks around the engine to see if anything is wrong. Hana can’t see anything wrong she gets back in.

    It takes her close to eight minutes she finds the right pumping method she gets the engine started she revs it some to clear out the carburetor of what excess gas it has in it. Hana shifts the gearshift into drive and moves the Camaro. What will clip two bring us in this three part series?

    The jeep is parked behind the Camaro could she move it next? Or will she move the Volvo it’s parked to the right next to the wooden deck? We will have to wait for clip two in this three part series to find out what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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