Hana Swapping Cars & Struggling, 3 of 3

Hana Swapping Cars & Struggling, 3 of 3

July 2nd, 2023

She backs the Monte Carlo up and gets it turned around after having some issues getting it into gear. Gotta be careful with all the cars around, so she’s got her head on a swivel and taking it slow. She’s almost got it sorted out when the car craps out.

Come on sweetpea.” she says to it, softly, hoping to not have to battle it again. It fires up and she revs it a little.

You good now?” she asks and is finally able to go.

She gets out onto the road, rolls into the throttle and all systems check! She pops it up into neutral and does a little revving before putting it back into drive and opening it up a little more. Ahh, yes, that breeze feels good!

She’s just settling in thinking all is going to be fine and dandy until the car stalls coasting down a hill to a stop sign.

“Oh, really?! You’re going to die on me now?!”

She’s cranking the car at the stop sign while other cars zoom by around her. She tries not to pay any attention to them and just focuses on getting her piece of shit started.

Freaking hell!

…her adventure is just beginning.

2 thoughts on “Hana Swapping Cars & Struggling, 3 of 3”

  1. Wow what an epic cranking battle on that final stall out! Hana really cranks the hell out of it and rides the starter for long spells hoping the Monte will catch for her.

  2. Really love Hanas sweet talk and gentle pumping style when she was cranking the monte!

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