Big Sis Teaching Lil Sis a Manual Car, 1 of 3

Big Sis Teaching Lil Sis a Manual Car, 1 of 3

June 11th, 2013


Hana is going to teach Mari how to start and hopefully drive a manual transmission vehicle.  It’s a cold winters day and the girls slip into the Volvo with Hana starting out behind the wheel first.  Hana is having some genuine cold-starting issues with the Volvo and ends up killing the battery.  I, ShisH, replace the battery and Hana gives it another go and is starting to get somewhere as the car is sputtering and wanting to start up.  She figures it’s a good time to put Mari in the hot seat and get her some cold-starting practice using the clutch.  Hana coaches her along and Mari actually gets the car started and running before this first clip ends.  Good teacher or good student?

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  1. This was such a great vid! Having been in the same situation as Hana was many years ago, in trying to teach her younger sister how to drive a standard shift car for the first time I admire her patience. At least Mari knows how to drive a car. I have had a life long friendship with twin sisters, now in their late 30’s but as teenagers at the age of 17 trying to each get their driver’s license. An older sister had given them a standard shift car as a present. Not only were there issues involving my not only teaching them how to drive a car period, but add in the fact that it involved the use of 3 pedals, shifting gears, etc. As stated before Hana was incredibly patient with Mari. I had to be as well.

    Watching Mari when she first got behind the wheel, (initially not even being able to reach the pedals with her boots as she appears to be much smaller in height compared to her old sister) Hana had to teach Mari the function of each of the pedals. Mari got confused initially mixing up the brake with the clutch pedal as when Hana said “clutch” Mari pressed down on the brake pedal, and with the wrong foot! At least in my case, the twins’ vehicle started right up. Mari before she could go anywhere had to work on starting up the Volvo, following Hana who finally asked her younger sister if she wanted to give it a try. Mari too had massive issues in trying to start up the car, even mashing her boot repeatedly on the gas pedal in her pumping efforts.

    To make matters worse as she was struggling in dozens of cranking attempts, Mari would occasionally lift her left foot off of the clutch too fast causing the car to lurch forward a bit as she didn’t time her releasing the key with lifting her left foot off of the clutch; the problem being that the car was in 1st gear, (stated by Hana). There are so many things for a person to try and remember the first time that they try and drive a standard shift car and Mari’s situation was made that much harder by the fact that it took her forever to get the Volvo started.

    Now that Mari finally got the Volvo started by the end of the vid, it really could get interesting in Part II of this series. Going back to my twin friends I had them on a level street and still, they each had massive problems simply trying to get the car rolling with forward momentum as they each kept stalling out the vehicle, (a mid-80’s Hyundai btw). They each, with no driving experience whatsoever had real problems coordinating their feet with the three pedals. With each taking turns behind the wheel of the car, they repeatedly kept lifting their left foot off of the clutch way too fast while simultaneously not giving it enough gas with their right foot in order to get the car moving forward again on level ground. hat or they would give it too much gas, hold in the clutch too long and the tire’s started spinning with the car’s engine over revving. Then they would panic, shift their right foot back on the brake, lift their left foot off of the clutch, forget to put the car back in neutral and then the car would again stall out. They each got very frustrated, (although when one of them wasn’t driving she would be in the back seat laughing her head off while the twin sister struggled behind the wheel). All I could do sitting in the front passenger seat was to try and maintain calm in my demeanor and telling myself that I was glad that it was not my own car that they were killing. I also learned a valuable lesson. Moving forward in their driving lessons, I learned to take them out on the parking lot and eventually on the road separately, while the other twin stayed home awaiting her individual lesson.

    Mari’s problem could be that much harder, even compared to my twin friends all of those years ago. They were having massive problems in an empty parking lot with a flat surface. The Volvo appears to be on a hill. Remembering the older vid from several years ago when ShisH was trying to teach Miley how to drive this same car for her first time, she had massive problems trying to back the car up the hill. She stalled it a bunch of times all because she could not coordinate her feet working the pedals – Miley’s right one shifting off of the brake and onto the gas pedal, pressing it a little and simultaneously releasing the clutch with her other foot slowly to get the car going with some momentum backing up the hill. The car would roll forward and Miley would panic, lifting her foot quickly off of the clutch, not giving it enough gas, trying to get back on the brake and before she knew it the Volvo had stalled out on her. I give her credit for hanging in there and by the end of the vid Miley managed to move the car, somewhat.

    In Part II of this vid Mari could be in for a rough stretch, especially if like Miley she tries to back the Volvo up the hill. Slow off of the clutch Mari, that will be rule #1!! Hana is a great teacher and Mari a great student and this was neat watching them interact throughout the vid.

    Can’t wait for Part II and eventually Part III

    Great job by the two gorgeous sisters. Great job ShisH with the film work, especially the pic-in-pic cameras used for this vid series.

  2. Hi All,

    I’m really delighted to see this video too… I ADORE watching these two really beautiful women in my all time favorite ‘PTP’ fleet car… As ‘Jacckson61′ suggests’ ShisH’ makes EPIC use of his “pic in pic” cameras… for wider viewing. The angles are FANTASTIC – I’m over the moon to see the zoomed in camera view over the rim of the steering wheel as I REALLY enjoy watching the ‘PTP’ models turning and struggling with the Volvo’s huge cumbersome steering wheel – an added challenge for most! That’s something I always enjoy watching in this particular car.
    I love the Mari’s slightly bemused facial expression as she pumps the gas pedal firmly and cranks the starter for long spells! She is a good listener and is definitely practical too… Indeed I think we are witnessing a good (focused) teacher, a good (determined) student and a stubborn (teasing) sputtering old Volvo here- truly a union made in HEAVEN!!! I just can’t wait to see series of events which will unfold as Mari attempts to drive the Volvo… I’m sure we will witness lots of more determined cranking sessions, engine sputtering and stalling…. I’m SO glad Mari is not wearing driving gloves, so we get to see her really pretty hands as she gets to grips with the Volvo – I LOVE the black fingernail nail polish and silver rings she’s wearing – her fine attention to detail is PERFECT. We also get to admire Mari’s footwork on the pedals too via the other strategic camera angle… This is one VERY exciting video series- I’m SO looking forward to Part 2 & 3. So far we have only seen the tip of the iceberg! Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of this… WOW!!! Thank you SO much ShisH, Scarlet, Hana & Mari for sharing this wonderful video with us. I’m ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED!!!

  3. Hana Teaching Mari Too Drive The Volvo / Hard Too Start Really Cold/ Clip 1 Of 3/ PIP

    Its a cold winter morning Hana is going to teach Mari how to drive the Volvo, both ladies are dressed warmly. Shish is using PIP up in the upper left corner of the screen that camera is getting footwell video only the other camera is mounted midway on the left side of the windshield that one is getting a whole body video of both Hana and Mari as they both get in.

    Hana is wearing a blue turtleneck sweater,what looks like a brown trench coat, tan leather gloves, dark sun glasses, denim jeans, tan pointed toed stiletto pumps. Mari is wearing a brown leather coat /w fur collar, denim jeans, what look like black stiletto pumps. Before she gets in the Volvo she opens the right rear passenger door to get a pair of brown boots and a pair of white socks. Mari gets in the Volvo she puts the white socks and brown boots on her feet.

    Wile Mari is getting in Hana is putting on her gloves and sun glasses. Mari hands Hana the keys to the Volvo, she puts the key in the ignition she pulls the choke out now she’s cranking and pumping, its really cold outside the Volvo is being a real pain in the ass after a little over three minutes of cranking and pumping the battery dies.

    Shish is outside he has Hana put the gearshift in gear and sets the emergency brake lever and has Hana remove the key from the ignition before he puts the battery in. Hana has a little bit of trouble turning the key she she can’t remove it, she gets the key out, now that the Volvo has a new battery in Hana goes back to cranking and pumping for close too two minutes.

    Hana asks Mari if she would like to try to start the Volvo she says yes they both switch places. Now Mari is in the drivers seat she cranks and pumps the Volvo. Hana is giving pointers to Mari like where the clutch is shes telling her to push the clutch all the way down to the floor. Mari cranks and pumps the Volvo for a little over three minutes the engine tries to catch.

    Mari gets the engine to start she let off the clutch the engine dies on her. Hana tells Mari that wile its in gear she has to keep the clutch to the floor. Mari goes back to cranking and pumping she gets the engine started, the engine is barely idling. Hana puts the gearshift in neutral she tells Hana she can put her left foot on the brake pedal and work the gas pedal with her right foot.

    Mari is giving the engine short revs.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Mari is giving the engine very short revs.

    What will clip two bring us? Will Hana remember to tell Mari to push the choke in? Will the engine die will she be able to restart it? Will Mari be able to put the gearshift in reverse?

    We will have to wait and find out in clip two this is going to be some series. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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