Hana & Mari Rev the Coronet – #256

Hana & Mari Rev the Coronet – #256

November 4th, 2012


Mari gets thrown into the mix with her big sis in this tag-team revving clip.  They’re sporting some tall socks and boots, both submitted by a sock-lovin, cowgirl-boot wearin fan!  They rev the Coronet in a parking lot and have a good time at it.

6 thoughts on “Hana & Mari Rev the Coronet – #256”

  1. Hana & Marie Revving The Coronet / White Tube Socks & Boots / 1080 MP4 HD Custom#256

    Hana and her little sister Marie who just joined PTP are going to do a short revving video in the Coronet. Hana is wearing a white t-shirt, red shorts, white tube socks, tan ugg boots. Marie is wearing a gray long sleeve hoodie, gray shorts, white tube socks, brown cowgirl boots.

    Hana gets in first she starts the engine she begins giving the engine lite to mild revving. Marie is sitting besides her watching her big sister and learning how to rev the Coronets 318 V8 engine . Shish is getting video from the passenger window getting whole body body shots as both ladies take turns revving the engine.

    After a couple of minutes of revving the engine. Hana takes her right ugg boot off and she revs the engine for a couple of minutes, she revs the engine with her left foot for a few seconds so she can adjust her right tube sock she pulls it up a little bit she then revs the engine with her right foot for about a minute.

    Then Marie switches places with Hana and she revs the engine, at one point Hana laughs, both of these ladies are having a good time shooting this video. After Hana scoots over to the passenger seat she puts her right ugg boot back on. Marie revs the engine for the rest of the video, they both buckle there seat-belts. Marie and Hana wave at the camera and they drive off.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Hana turns to the camera she has a big smile on her face she waves at the camera she buckles her seatbelt. Marie looks at Hana, Hana says ” lets go” Marie puts the gearshift in drive. The End.

    Hana you and Marie did a great revving video, you boot lovers are going to like this video. Marie welcome to PTP hope you like it here. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    P.S I down loaded this video early this morning. I could not get it to play. I tried three different media players, for some reason neither of my media players could play it . I re-downloaded this clip around 4: 30 pm P.S.T it plays perfect just though you should know. 🙂 🙂

  2. I concur with the two previous comments. Just like Hana is with her physical features, Mari is a strikingly gorgeous young woman. Like Hana has shown in previous vids, (particularly the vid #237 in which Hanai revs the Coronet wearing a sexy black gown, hose and white pumps); in this her debut vid Mari showed the ability to draw the viewer in as she gave this incredibly sexy, alluring and almost mischievous look into the camera’s lens with her facial features.

    I also love Hana’s giving hand instructions to her sister Mari as she urged her to rev the engine using different techniques as she pumped the gas in different cadences.

    I so look forward to future vids featuring Mari – cranking and/or driving a number of the site’s vehicles!! As Hana has done through filming her many vids, I’m thoroughly convinced that Mari is going to provide a LOT of viewing pleasure to members of this site.

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