She may be a new face here but certainly not a new face to the community.  Welcome our newest addition, Kate!  First time I heard this girl utter a few words about her car not starting, I had to find a way to get her on-board!  She’s making her debut in this massive 17+ minute clip rocking some leather & boots while trying to start up this old MG F that is very cranky and temperamental.  A lot of this video is from her point-of-view looking down at herself trying to start this car. A great view of her hand turning the key, her legs/thighs bouncing up and down with each pump her foot makes on the gas pedal.  There are also some in-car shots from the passenger side and over-the-shoulder.  She makes this little car seem much bigger on the inside with her handy camera work!  More to come of Kate in the future,but right now, enjoy the sights and wonderful sounds of this little Euro car being sweet talked by this gal!