Kate Starts & Revs 3 Dirty Cars

Kate Starts & Revs 3 Dirty Cars

March 6th, 2016

Let’s see which ones will start and which ones won’t, shall we?
Kate gets in the Galant first and after a few tries, the battery is sounding weak. She checks the cables under the hood, gets back in and it fires up! One successful startup out of one attempt. Not bad, now on to the Uno. She fiddles with the battery cables under the hood of the Uno, gets in, pulls the choke, twists the key and VROOM!! Wow, 2 for 2? She revs up the little ‘car that could’ and gives a little backstory of the car when it starts acting up and not wanting to stay running. It stalls a bunch but starts up each time. She fiddles with a choke a bit and then finally decides to take her victory and move along while things are going well.
Next up, the MGF, which we get a walk-around from Kate first. She gets in and will it be 3 for 3??

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  1. Kate Crank & Rev Three Dirty Cars / Tan Leather OTK Boots / 720 P MP4 HD

    Kate is filming herself telling us members about her junkyard of cars she has she’s going two start and rev two of the three cars, after pointing the camera at herself showing what she’s wearing a tan leather jacket, black leather pullover top, black leather liquid leggings, tan leather OTK leather boots. Kate walks around her junkyard as she calls it showing us how many cars she has, she’s only going to try to see if she can get three of them to start.

    The first one is a Mitsubishi Galant. I’m not sure this car might have a carburetor I could be wrong on that, she has to do some cranking and pumping after connecting the battery cables to the terminals. Kate doesn’t remember the last time she started it, in all the cars she tries to start the gas tanks are almost empty, as she tries to get the Mitsubishi to start she tells us she can’t remember the last time she started it. Kate gets out and checks the battery cables to make sure there hooked up right, she gets back in she turns the key the engine fires right up.

    This makes Kate really happy she thinks the Galant is backfiring. I think what these three cars need is a major tuneup new spark plugs distributor cap and wire harness. Kate leaves the engine running on the Mitsubishi and walks over to the Uno she can’t get in through the drivers door she has to get in through the hatchback and open the drivers door. Kate can get the Uno to start the engine will not idle, she has to play with the choke before she can let the engine idle, the engine keeps dieing on her when she tries to let it idle, now that she has the choke out a little bit she walks over to the MG

    Another problem with the Uno she has is the left front tire is flat. Kate walks over to the MG she tells us the problem she has trying to get it to start after it rains, she also tells us she didn’t think she made it clear that the MG isn’t that well built of a car, she cranks and pumps the MG’s gas pedal the engine will sputter somewhat like it’s trying to start. Kate really likes the MG it’s her favorite car, she tries to get it to start for about another five minutes before she gives up on it, getting two out of three cars started isn’t too bad. Kate also shows us some other cars she has one of witch is a Triumph and a Mercedes Benz.

    Kate gives up on trying to get the MG to start with the other two cars running she going wash them after shooting this video there quite dirty, she calls her three cars dirty bitches, as Kate is walking over to the Mitsubishi it looks like the radiator is leaking antifreeze on the ground this doesn’t make Kate happy at all she thinks she’s blown something. Kate is a little bit of a mess after messing with the cables her hands are a little bit dirty form fiddling with the battery cables.

    As the video comes to an end Kate puts the camera on top of the car pointing at herself as she walks off she going to give both the Mitsubishi and the Uno a wash because they behaved them selfs since the MG didn’t start it’s not going to get a wash. As the video ends Kate walks away from the camera. The End. Kate you did a great job shooting this video your feet look sexy in those tan OTK leather boots. Great video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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